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The Harvest had just begun at a Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Brother and Sister Brown arrived there early in fancy clothes. The stingy couple did not bring any gifts for the Harvest.
(Patois)   Rite now mi ahn mi wife live monks bad-mindid people oo nuh cawpariet. Wi nuh mek nuh fren wid di warisum tenant dem inna di yawd. Mi nuo sey di tenant dem hiet mi ahn mi nuh like hypocritical greetin.
Is it absolutely necessary to greet someone in person and in writing? What, if any, are the practical benefits of a traditional greeting? And who should be the first one to say a greeting to someone?
I could’ve walked past you without saying hello. You didn’t have to respond to my greeting. Other admirers also said hello to you, But you found my approach more pleasing. I said a few polite words to you,
I don't know about you.I can only speak about myself and I have horrible anxiety so in the morning I like to boost my self esteem as much as possible so that is what this poem is about enjoy!!   Roses are red
I met you when I was young  And reckless I ran to you when I felt dumb And headless You forced me to paint pain into progress As I progressed from someone who scribbled words
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