my voice

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Mirror girl, mirror girl Always in the back row Of the room or the bus or the chapel If I draw aside, draw aside the curtain Would I see you? Find you in your hiding place   Your hiding place
Who can hear my voice? I wonder who is out there, And if they can hear the notes of my cries. Are there good souls in the open, Who will look to wanderers like me? Can I talk loud enough to make them think?
These songs are my words. of Sorrow. of Joy. of Pain. They keep the numbness from my brain. They tell me how the sun beats down, of its warmth and happiness. And even though it’s dark and grey
Screaming and yelling to the top of my lungs. The pushing and shoving just to get to some drugs. Stop! Stop! I shout with all my might. But it's like I'm in the shadow, why do you fight? My voice is not heard,
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