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Where do we see our true selves? In the reflection of a mirror  That often tells us lies. Or maybe in those around us, Those who support and care,
To Whom it May Concern,
Oh books that I love,with your frayed covers and tattered pagesYou take me on perilous adventuresand entice me with electrifying romances.You make me laugh at characters mischief and weep at their demise.
When you look at her and her oversized jacket what do you see? I see the girl that she used to be, shy and submissive to the orders of others, oh how mean they could be
Have you ever found a book So amazing, so intense, so beautiful, That you forgot. You forgot the world, All pretense of Reality, Even yourself?
A book When it is near me it shows me all the things I need to know When I am lonely or without a place to go they are there To hold me in a place of solitude Confine me to one place
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