slant rhyme

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just one failure to watch  one fateful soft misstep  can bring a building down  cause chaos to erupt    i looked around for someone  i’m still not certain whom relief flooded my chest
The idea that our time is equally valuable The thought that my feelings are not malleable Me before you tell any lies Us when you're making a choice Life when you lose yourself Love when you need my help
 I hear the Bells ringing, ringing. Menacing, treacherous- silence. Pain is imminent-But I think Differently. I was a beggar for your Release- But not twice- For you are not worthy ofMy sacred Pain.
To Whom It May Concern- The bed is wrapped near the River, Let my memories enter the Shore.Nevermore, I never felt, As if it mattered- Hesitation marks fill the Paper,I could not bear to write it-“I love you, I love you”. Past words are dead.
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