'love' Girlfriend

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Warmth, compassion, patience, understanding These are the ingredients, please don't be demanding. I strive to give you my best self. In return, you give me yours.
Your braces are like magnets that attract my love.They are the first thing I notice and the last thing I say goodbye to.Your braces are like you.You stabilize people.You keep them from becoming out of hand.Your braces exemptilfy balance,the balanc
We clicked the moment we first met, those eyes, the way you spoke, the emotions you evoked. Marie Curie couldnt create chemistry like ours; Georges Lemaitre would call it the big bang 2.0.
Do we react like universes? And Experience ourselves ironically? She sleeps -- she's peaceful now -- on soft white sand; The ocean of her eyes starts looking starry. But I am drowning. Just 'cause I'm supposed
If I was an inanimate object I wouldn't feel the things I feel But If I was an inanimate object Nothing would be quite as real I'd never be sad
Love Why is it so strong It's as almost if A force is brought upon my soul   Love Empowers me To follow my goals And that it will be by my side The entire way   Love
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