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When I grow up,I'd like to be a political doctor And go down in history books for unveiling the mistry of helping this ailing nation. A nation so ill that the will of the people is no longer an issue
My love burns like hot coals. My eyes burn like hot coals melting into the back of my head. My brain is just liquefying in love I love you. I don't know why I said I didn't. I was alone in Australia.
The battle rages on, Another sunrise. Another sunset. Endless war consumes her, A child wise beyond her years.   No sword or shield in sight, However could she fight?
Peter loves me but he is deaf mute; He has no coin but he is rich in love. Although he can’t hear, he plays a flute, He plays it to prove me his brotherly love, A love that is tasty like a grapefruit,
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