'children 'anxiety

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Back then I was the Good Girl. Resourceful. Bright. Empathetic. Loud. Compassionate. "Spunky." I had no reason to be afraid. But I had every reason to be afraid. 
When your lost  Just think of me You know I'm here if you need a hand to hold If we spilt I won't eat I won't sleep  I'll get anxiety I can't think of letting you go  You're apart of me 
Because you love me, you would do anything for me because you love me, you put that needle in you skin everyday because you love me, you had to leave me because you love me,
I used to break door handles, A habit my parents never cherished.  Someone would hide behind the door, And I'd come chasing after them.   The slam of the door  The click of the lock,
And there we were deteriorating. Where were you when we were degenerating. And here you lack some empathy. And our corrupt hearts are worsening, regressing.   Go ahead and mourn with other people.
today I cried for my daughter my tears peaked out for my son my thoughts ran wild at the sounds of my child foot steps pattering around   how do i get you to sit down listen how,
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