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Otherness It's something I feel often.  people talk at great lengths, with  such passion of things I do not  understand.  They speak of romance and attraction  like the world will end without it. 
I haven't caught you any butterflies          because the type you seek                        don't come for yellow rosesand carry heavy, ruby, cordate wings           I could never really desire.
My dear's a deer what a novel idear having a deer not a dear makes me a bit queer but what's really quite queer
We sat togetherfingers intertwinedlegs swinging overthe ledge,the edge of abyss(of bliss?)no space between
Where are you?  I have heard about you and I have seen you in stories but I don't know you As if you were avoiding me like a disease Someone that you can not grace their presence with You lead others towards me 
Being Demisexual is wanting a relationship but not knowing how to date Being ace/aro is wanting to experience love but not knowing how
In this heart I have seen no man. I have met no woman. There has been  no one. For that I am grateful, if not made less human therefore.
When I was 8 I wore dresses to school I wasa bullied and teased for looking nice For wearing dresses and pink and being girly When I was 13 I stopped wearing dresses I cut my hair to my chin and I didn't wear pink
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