i am scholarship

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I am a hurricane through the city, and the sunshine through your window, Changing the world around me. I am fire and calm waters, Anger burning and kindness healing.
I am determined to decide my own fate To change the worlds hate I am the one to bring light In a world that is covered by a deceitful night I am one who will defy my own self
I am the dragon mother. My flames are so swift and searing They turn the glass ceiling to sand. In a land of coveted sons, Give me all of the daughters. I am the dragon mother.
I am shy I struggle to talk to people I usually keep to myself I am quiet   I am quite in class I do not raise my hand I read instead of socializing I do not get in trouble for talking
summer days and amazing grace baseball cards and i work too hards oh boy it used to be babydolls and dress up clothes  then it was preschool jitters and first best friends oh my  how time flies
I am strong so many obstacles have tried to get me to do wrong , yet I remained resilient I know I can be brilliant because I picked my head up through it all don’t you want to hear, y’all?  
My mind is like a haze.
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