sucide awarness and prevention

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I can’t breathe the second before I pass out I won’t open my mouth until it feels Like my head its exploding within   You don't seem to care
Yes my mum will miss me yes my bully will regret the choices they made and yes sucide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem  And i know that
If only walls could talk,They'd tell you about me,And how they hear me screamAnd watch me while I bleed.
You whispered in my ear "I love you Han" I melted a little He never called me Han He only called me Bitch I fell in love with you right then and there You made me feel so safe I was finally home
Bloodshot eye, wounded in the thigh   doesn't cry                                                              Just a normal day under the Helmand sky. Oxy proxy     war in my head   night terrors in bed
Life Taken By the Gun By: Miracle Strong   The rain began to pour As I walked across the shore His arms bleeding leading to his destination  
Today I woke up to my mom's voice Today I went for a walk in the sunlight Today I knitted a scarf where every stitch was done with love and patience Today I read a book filled with humor and secrets
He wa
I don't know what to do, And I don't know what to say, When the feelings in my heart, Conflict with the thoughts in my brain, It fills my body with pain, My chest is about to break,
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