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A mere few years after the original tale, Hansel and Gretel live deep in the woods, In the brisk night light repeats an echoing wail, Where dusk and where dawn firmly stood,
                                     I Am…   Aware of people’s feelings, as I seek acknowledgement of my own Sympathetic to the outcasts, because I have been there
Good is Gone when the neighborhood dies, The friends you walked to school with have moved on with their lives. You wonder, why is the neighborhood so empty? Was the fun just temporary?
I am from confusion and a stressful body I am from lack of hope and lack of independence I am afraid of the future but in search of the present  I am quiet and shy i see my  mother struggle, that's my hustle 
I am small and out numbered. I am not like other girls. I’ve lived without a mother. I’ve lived without knowing what love is. I am small and out numbered. I’ve been bullied by my step mother.
I am outgoing but shy I am athletic but I am the last one to be pick in games I am book smart but a terrible test taker I am blonde but I am not dumb
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