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You say jump, I say how high? Oh me, oh my. Life is a full of contradictions; can you see my plight? I want to please you, appease you, but all I can do… Is hold my head high.
Sunrise   The sun rose again today and its light touched my eyes.
I guess it could be worse. At least I got this experience. It's clear black filmmakers are a rare sight at NYU And I can say that I'm one of them. So in light of the fact that my time might be cut short,
I think people are awesome
Home by Kynzi DePriest   it's a melody. it welcomes you after a long day      at work or school, giving you comfort you need.   but that's too generic for me.  
Wrongs Blind me to the point of exhaustion Hurt done to me, faults of my own But then a hug, A kindness, a voice opens my eyes to the amazing Family related by bonds not
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