Against Society's Standards

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Look at me By:ThePoetLexi Close your eyes and envision the perfect you. Medium sized soft lips with thin perfectly arched eyebrows
I'm not the norm, I'll never conform, My life's a hail storm, And I'm socially deformed. Unrefined, Unreformed, I'm not the norm, And I'll never conform.
"What is there to fear?" constantly said by mom. "I can't help but not be calm." "Don't fret my dear, it's all in your heart." "But what about the monster under my bed."  
We are shaped to be normal, to fit in with the crowd. We are told to do our best to make our parents proud.   We are taught that girls can cry, but "men" can't shed a tear.
I used to break door handles, A habit my parents never cherished.  Someone would hide behind the door, And I'd come chasing after them.   The slam of the door  The click of the lock,
Mary, let your hair down Just close your eyes I'll help you realize All the lines aren't real The pins in your hair
Two eyes staring back as IRoutinely do as I'm told.Persuasion I have none, ButMy influence will becomeMore evident as you get old. I am worshiped more than God,Looked at more than passing time.I can see your true colors When we are together, butI
The world keeps getting colder,We keep getting older,Living like lambs to the slaughter,There’s so much hatred,There’s no more blessed water,Living another day,Working our life away,What I can say?
I almost lost my best friend once.  She was so beautifully torn at the image of herself, Always regretting and misconducting her luck.    I almost lost my best friend again. 
Tall, skinny, beautiful, her. The one they look at; examining in great detail, Her; noes, ears, mouth, legs the way the corners of her mouth curl at the sight of the sun. Her.
They say they want the tanner covering But not the darkest of night They say they want the curvy body But only when the girl is light Darling can't you see, They only love your culture
All of us wait for the day when Society  will accept our plea. We hide  and we fight but they never change their mind.  Our hopes and our dreams are killed at first light.
 Ah, yes look how she shines  Look how she treads lightly  Observe her soft appealing lines  But ignore her pained lips, sealed tightly.      Oh but morn her they say!
We are the voice, the reason Yet we choose to be silent. So, what does that make us? The corruption, the treason! Spewing out nonscence like "the little man" and "justice"  
We go through motions with absence of purpose; We make conversations with absence of words; We ask how are you with no intentions of caring; We play with Love with no intentions to stay;
  Not one girl in this world can stand up and confidently say "I have never been pressured into looking a certain way" Whether its that extra coat of mascara, to make their eyelashes pop,
Welcome to society,  feel free to be who you want to be. But, make sure we like who that person is.  Love yourself and your body,
Curious NaturesIn a more weak world the most aggressive advantagesdon't always deal in what is referred to as "fair consequence."
 I like you, I'm not gonna lie,    But l like you like an unlikely guy likes the most liked girl who just happens to like that unlikely guy because like her, he's sees more than meets the eye.
Television, magazines, radio. The influence is disgusting, repulsive, unacceptable. Makes me sick how society is quick to bash those who want other than the life they painted, with colors of illusion and lies.
6/02/13 When society says your ugly You say only in your eyes which don't' matter When society calls you fat
Hey! Hey! Have you Heard? The tales which are spread on the streets?
Tiny pieces of me are all you’ll get to see because society claims “flawless” is what I’m supposed to be so you’ll see my polished exterior you can bet you’ll see my strengths
This world is small when looking at the universe,
It's like my thoughts grow outta my head; every curl contains every word I done said every song I done heard every book I done read And that hate and pain is like shea butter
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