a world gone wrong

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What would I change, if change could happen? I'd change the allegations in hearts of the masses, Make souls truly seen, for what they may be, And shine light on the true inter-seam
Tingles, and feels  It's the only thing that crosses my mind My lip touch the cold glass bottle  liquid oozing  As I take another drink of anything that warms me for the hour 
One by one. One by one it went. One by one my. One by one my mind went away.
I travel through an endless song, Through the abstract sound waves That have tracked me down, leaving me kneeling To a powerful God, who has taught me how to un-tie asphalt knots
it's too much going on i have too many emotions wanna say my thoughts out loud but there's no one here to open up to me it seems like everything is breaking cause i'm looking all around
Drivin' down the street, never lookin' back, Just one instant, just one photograph, So many factors, that are all in it, You're the one behind the wheel, you're the one who's sittin.  
God is a spiritual biblical genius when he created two worlds in its own birth right the heaven and the earth divided by two waters  one streaming above the clouds one traveling through the seas
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