You're not alone

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Others may bring you down, obstacles may get in your way but know that you're not alone. We feel useless,  Thinking about giving up, Comtemplating if it's worth it. then you think and sit
I have an unhealthy addiction.I think that’s whyI subconsciously refuse to evolve.I don’t knowif I’m too afraid to change,too proud to admit I’m wrong,or if there’s even a difference.
When pigs can fly They say They say all sorts of things They say pigs don't have wings Impossibilities are everywhere So imagine when they stand and stare A pig With wings
you're not alone my brother you are one of 23 children where your dad is more concern about the other 22 stripping your humanity away
I am just one of those typical girls  Who wants this-and-that all the time. I could be my treasure for a moment, Then turn it into trash the next second. Remembering what I had gone through in my past,
Inspire yourself to create inspiration It’s not as easy as it sounds Through strife and pain Greatness is found In oneself and in one’s eyes We survive and we move on We choose what’s important
She slid the blade deep into her arm Breathing heavy, trying so hard to hold in her emotions yet release all her feelings. She thought of the sister that didn't love her, The mother to busy to care,
That although we are far apart I will hold you close to my heart When you're either up or down I'll always have a remedy for your frown That in the event you shed a tear
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