A young girl

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I wanna grasp tight I losing sight... Prolonging aches, Unsettling hype....! I wanna fly high My burning sigh... Now, awaits none Not even strive...!
Ode to Averageness.   Oh to be average, how comfortable and sweet, never first never last but always at the meet.   Oh to be average, what would I do without your bounds,
Here we are   Dear you, Today marks the end of adolescence  And brings upon the new age of real life In this new begining now you can legally be fetishisized  You can now voice a vote and not be heard
At times, I feel like a small speck in this world. A small miserable speck. Why? Because the galaxies of our universe swallow me up to the point I am digested into the
Your so pretty. Your so smart. Your so pretty. Your so smart.   It seems almost like an constant pattern If your pretty then your alright because you becoming, an matern.
I am fresh off the boat but I was born here and I'm looking for a place with my type of acceptance Of a girl with an afro and a bindilost and confused a muse to racists
I fell in love with the way she discarded half of the world but cared for the other half I fell in love with her cold hands and the shivers they sent through my body I fell in love with her gentle laugh and her dark jokes
Behind the filtered selfies, and the pictures taken with her phone angled,  is a young girl who's life seems to be a little tangled. Whether its studying for finals or having to clean up her mess,
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