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Beauty in the eye is blind knowing what is unknown lies inside to think a forbidden thought is how you mend the stolen nights when you were lead to sin to change yourself Beauty can change
Here I am               In darkness I lie                                        with my poisen                                                                upon a moutian high.
It's crazy. There's this thing: I possess, I implode, I am u t t e r l y surrounded by some Great-Gentle Sway. The Eternal One. Sustainer. Peace-Maker;
Drifting in a languid landof singing prairies and crystalline lakes,I wander toward a jeweled tree, radiant sapphire and ruby in a halcyon dream. 
Crying, alone, and forgotten,  Abandoned by all the world, A little voice inside me screamed, But I ignored the call,   Another minute or year went by, I find it hard to tell,
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