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It took 10 years to teach myself how to breathe again How to live without pretending that’s what I was doing To stop allowing myself to die quietly As to not inconvenience the neighbors
11 years later, still dead inside. 11 years later, finally alive. 11 years later, afraid of what's new. 11 years later, ready for myself, part two?   11 years ago, my soul was dead.
A drop falls and shatters on the surface of the lake as I stare between the rippled waves and ponder each mistake.   I peer down at the water; it peers back up at me.
As I wake up, I notice that I am in a bed With somebody leaning over me Saying good morning sleepy head Wow that's very lame I know, grow up I hope this day isn't the same  But hey, I am awake 
As I was twelve years old There were issues between my parents everywhere we’d go Growing apart after every word said Until the end of the marriage when the relationship went dead
I must thank you Years of family memories Frozen, standstill, captured, timeless. And we shall know your absense By the lost years In our photo albums.
It hasn't been the worst or best year that I've seen. Tonight at 12 A.M., It will be the end of 2017. The year 2018 will soon be here.
Hi  I'm 18 years old  Or should I say 18 years young  But old enough for to know my rights and wrongs.  It doesnt mean I always do what's right. 
Take a breath, no actaully take two Everytime you smile, my breath got short You was a strong ass drug on me, that snort  I haven't seen a lot but you was the true One for me, two makes me and you in one car
The clock shall always be the enemy, With his hands of weaponry, Time stamped in history, With actions of misery.   Tick tock goes the clock,
The clock shall always be the enemy, With his hands of weaponry, Time stamped in history, With actions of misery.   Tick tock goes the clock,
Slip, over moss and leaves, Over the land that breathes, I am the Serpent,
Time changes us As we grow older We forget who We once were
same old, same new. you look back  and boom. everything has changed. but where? you woke up the same as yesterday.   but   your hair is longer, your body is older,
Growing alone, Behold the self-doubtThe crying, the lying, the gritting of teethWatching others ascend while your mood still depends on your peers.Fingertips brush edges where there is no apparent jail,
I'm starting to remember I'm starting to recall What once was a blur  I begin to see it all The faces are changing Becoming clear What once was a blur Wrapped up in a year
Years fall behind with patience wasted And the young don’t see through the broken glass Only until the climax of guilt from being blind to it But we do accept the dwelling after the wasted years climax  
Fifty years in this place,
I’m 21 years old. Well, almost.  For these 21 years I’ve done my utmost 
You are a plague, a sickniss, a damn fever that won't go away.
I walk in late to class again , but I do not care. The lessons you write up are incomprehenisble,  and Your monotone voice has left me to just stare. My eyes are wide open , but I'm not paying you any attention.
"Tell me, tell me, tell me once more. The words you say before you walk out the door. Please don't go, don't leave me here alone. How will I know if you will ever return home? I promise I won't tug at your hand.
The artificial smiles, the spewing lies, The uninterested lovers, and partners in crime, The "must focus" and pushes as the way to the door, The success of our futures is what we were here for,  
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