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May 25, 2019   I cast my gaze upon the cool, crisp glass I see a glimpse, the glimmer, the shadow, a horror A face, my own, familiar, but not my own For within it I see another face
Two months gone and the students gone – Douglas, I only repeat what you were saying, Or was it combatants? As Britten, a la Owen, would contest, A baritone and a tenor locked in mortal combat,
Dear future self, I write this with hope That you're better off than me at this very moment.   War-ridden land
There was a man who stood above the restBelieving, above all, he was the bestHe slaughtered those he looked down onConvinced so many to play as his pawnsThis wicked monstrosity of a man
cigarettes hanging from empty mouths.my hands are shaking and my corpse is God. the raindrops sound like the bombsthat ring in our ears and tear us apart.  those ruins and picture framescoated with ash 
The autumn air has become thick Filled with fear and desperation What was once home Has become Hell on earth Destruction rapes the surface While the sky explodes with fire
Trying to hold their stance, The crowd sways like intense ocean waves, There are sharks in the water, These people search the crowd for innocent suspects, Everyone swims away like frightened fish,
I'd like to have a moment Sir Up here so close to You To talk about the things I've done and the things I've yet to do   At times I've left formation To peel off and slip away
Safe families Safe cities Safe countries Safe men Then war starts Tearing lovers And sisters and brothers
The Way Of The World
Facing the dedication plaque of The East Coast Memorial in Battery Park,sat a navy spiral bound with a worn post-it note upon the cover.Head slightly tilted, I scoff at the carelessness of some kids.
The sun has risenBeautiful clear blue skiesThe birds sing their songThe sleepy city comes to lifeThe daily warning soundsThen disappears foreverThe city can go on today
My Darling,I miss you...something terribleWe sit here and wait Its unbearableBut my heart's with you and our daughterThinking how I can't wait...Can't wait to be a father!I sing to myself at night
The stars were only sparks of the fire. Mercy! Oh, that fire! Do you see those flames? Surely it was all a nightmare.   Wreaths of smoke beneath a silent blue sky.
Kids stayed home on September first. Hide. I can hear the planes. As the basement leaked gaciating air... I hold my baby. He shivers. White noise gone, baby weeps, unaweare.
It is here where the birds refuse to fly, and the animals, graze      For on this spot people have died     There was no one here to save    The tattered souls of the depraved  
Boom, Boom, two were dropped. Lives of soldiers saved due to. A cold age after.
The day began as a day begins-- With the sun’s first white rays painting the eastern sky. The silence of earth is the hope of the morning-- Potential to please the ear and the eye.
(poems go here) Ever since I was a young boy My father would tell me to grow up to be a junzi Perfect man, gentleman scholar Cultivate myself morally Treat others with kindness Protect my family
In the heat of the day Toxic waste in the air No children out to play No civilization anywhere
A child looks out, but the walls go up. Shut in for protection, Not the soldiers on the street With their shining boots, cold guns, batons, and harsh language, But from himself and his dreams
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