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The value of Salt,  Gold,  Nickels, Coppers, Buck skin, Cotton paper,  Shells   Should not be valued as much as Love, Family, Friendship, Trust,
Today,  we are more connected  than we ever were before   But just because  reaching each other  is easier, doesn't mean    we understand each other better,
  So it begins. The temperature rises. Everyone's running amok Willing to do whatever it takes To make the loudest sounds Find the one, Reproduce,  Die,  So the ones after me
At least once in your lifetime you have or had a duty Because someone else depended on the deed
Simplicity is the beginning, It is easy, Nothing to stress about But one mustn't stay there for too long  
The way it moves It moves softly, Swiftly, with speed   In one’s eyes, It’s actions
We see We hear We know more about this Than we need to It’s as old as time
Black or white Red or Blue Left or right Right or wrong Good or evil Truth or Lie
I have a task at hand I must get it done My mind cannot help But wander  
Look, see, feel, appreciate   Your wholesome personality your walk,
I know this all too well I have two parents Which means twice the yelling I get it
This little part, our corner Our little dot in the galaxy We’ve made something for ourselves, didn’t we?
Want to know what you’re made out of? The answer is simple, but not easy. It takes a great amount of willpower to start
This view reminds me of a Norwegian fjord though I’ve never seen one in my life. The magnificent rocks
I have loved everyone.                                                              I did.
My, my, who do we have here? such crude presence, shameless attitude, ugh, that coat is an abomination!
Change can be sudden Change can be slow Change may not be felt Change can be subtle  
Sickly sweet, bittersweet, You pull me in, with that grin, that saccharine smile.
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