white people

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Romantic blood and majestic past; Flatter the abused, give them scraps, Or they’ll ask for respect. Maintain a system Of perception. No, don’t call it oppression.   You are made of gold --
  Lil white boys Yes, you I am talking. For once, I am taking up space Listen. What are you, scared?
Your shelter, Your illusion coldblooded, halfhearted this eternal masquerade   You are wasted rotten with mirrors gold; reflections twisted, subconscious mold, ice-cold camaraderie.
Dear White People... tell me you understand band together in time of umbra ban together and stuff me in bras  
I find it peculiar That the patients in God's hospital look familiarI feel like this is Alcatraz, a display of the insaneThe asylum has no change, am I to blame?Same first-world suburb issues that could be easily forgottenAnd why does God's undefi
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