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The hood, there’s always a lot of noise but yet it’s at peace The hood, it’s not how they see it  All the anger and hurt it let’s me release 
I am from sunshine From long summer days spent  making mudpies and pretending  to be mermaids before mom called us inside   I am from a community, close-knit, we came together
Where she's from is the dry deserts of Texas, where greenery are for them fancy, nice folk down the ways, where you were plopped in the mud and were told, "have fun".
I am from hair bands, From hairspray and bobby pinned strands. I am from lights hanging above the stage. (Bright, blinding,
I am from Mountain views  Windex And Mosquito Spray   From Big balconies Dusty Loud
I’m from frozen dinners, From doing things just to say I did it, From war stories by grandpa, And hospital stories from grandma.   I’m from first minute drama, And last minute projects,
I’m from the self-made man who left home at the age of eighteen because he didn’t want to follow his mom’s command. I’m from a woman raised to have a plan but that got interrupted by an ungrateful man.
    I am from the east coast, Where bipolar weather meets A world of Americanized-Cameroonians.   I am from a family built on love and respect.
  I am from far and distant places From views of far beyond perception I am from ramose, and for phratry Raised by words of no deception  
I am from intricate, steel-blue corridors in a big grey sailing vessel
Spawned into a world of irrational nostalgia. Animorphs and Geronimo Stilton were where I trotted. Venturing imaginatively from the dewy garden of Random.
I am from glossy pages still unread, from Miracle and hydrofluorcarbon. I am from the ochre and unkempt backyard. I am from the Peace Lilly, the forest of Pines, whose branches reach high above.
From where I’m from Summer fights with Winter And Spring cries over Fall
Where I’m from, people don’t call you by your first name. They call you slim, shorty, mamã, baby, girl it’s all the same. The women set you up, only to later tear you down
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