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The walls of my bedroom reflect my sadness. Who painted them blue, I wonder? They just stand here with nothing to do. I am alone with these four walls every night. I kneel down and pray to the Lord.
I get inspiration from these walls. They speak, almost talk. These magical walls are mauve.   How do you think I get inspiration from 
How my brain responds to “I love you”:  
They called her a writer. A witch. A Manipulator of words.   Etching them into corners, Onto walls, Abandoned buildings,
The walls that divide, are of color and of race, In a world of brotherhood, they have no place. Black and white, color has no worth, We're all brothers and sisters at birth. We all play under the same sky of blue,
Him. Me. Tranquility.     I feel safe but strange, it’s not my game.                 My chest feels small
Tell me all your stories of all the things you've seen Tell me about your struggles Tell me what they mean   Tell me about your past And where you got your scars Tell me about your walls
Don't let them in, Don't let them in, They will only break everything you are; Don't let them in, Dont let them in, Cuz you would only pick up your pieces; (2x)  
No cuffs on my hands But a shock collar around my neck Locks on all the doors and Walls
Do you know that feeling? That terrible, awful feeling when you wake up and Panic because you have no clue where you are? Do you know what it’s like to wake up like that everyday for 10 days straight? White walls.
His father died when he was 16 He never even told his father he loved him The thought haunted his mind  Every day of each of the years to come So he shut everyone out He kept up his walls
Blood is redAnd tears are blueMixe​​​d, deep in her heartLies a purple bruiseI've spent way too longThinking of youSo much, that it's started to vanish
I want to break through your walls
I was made in America. My grandfather is a veteran. My father black. My mother white. I am from a bloodline of freedom fighters. I was packaged,
I would be lying if I told you I didn't cry that awkward day. The day you decided that I wasn't the one. I've told you before,  and I won't go back on my word.
We've been taught to hide behind prose So that no matter what the words say nobody truly knows What's going through our heads Ever hour until we finally turn in to our beds.
Tear down the wall Sturdy and tall Set firm with mortars that kept us in thrall Blood dirt and steel Flaming hot feel
If those walls could talk,  I know what they'd say; It'd be no comfort to families, Whose lights've gone away. For when sky fades to black, And blues turn to grays, And gun's life-taking crack,
Walls around my heart, Chains around my body   Keeping me stiff and without emotion Keeping me from letting anyone in   These walls I built a mile high inside me
only my walls see my tears and only my walls know my fears i keep it all inside except once... when someone pried i opened up and tried but they hurt me so... i nearly died  
I’ve searched for you, Through the smell of Hydrangeas we once saw blooming in the summer, In the warmth where we took shelter inside each other’s embrace,
My love for you will never cease, a blessing or a curse may be. My withered heart will forever dream despite the havoc memories wreak.   Pain is fading as the nights retreat,
Love strikes away the chains of fear When I walk into a room Of things unknown but longed for still In the blink of an eye   I clip my wings and fly To the burning orange rays
They say, "keep your friends close But your enemies closer." I ask, then, how do you know? Who is your friend And who is your foe? One moment it's sunshine And happiness and laughter.
Dear my Love, the walls have fallen, The stones and mortar have given way. Authorities have not yet told If it were attack, or mere decay. The resting village still lies in peace,
She doesnt know she poor, Even when life tells her in many ways Her refrigerator becomes empty. Whenever she is hungry she can't even find a whole meal. Her family barley has enough food to last them until they can get more.
I spent many years
No rhythm No rhyme Just me And myself Dark hands Bright face WIth a dim glow in the eyes Worn out By the challenge Of living each day with a smile Inside
Behind the hazel, she's just a lonely little one. Behind the hazel, she wants to the world to be gone. Behind the hazel, she's fighting everyday. Behind the hazel, she's scared in every way. Behind the hazel, she's slightly shattered.
“Free me”, she screams in his face.“No more.No more a moore.I am a river.I flow.I live and give
I hate these ballet shoes Everyday marks another bruise And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane   Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime
Behind the curtain What I keep hidden From your eyes and mind Is strictly forbidden   Under the mask What a clever disguise
These walls have secrets
One of my old poems:  My heart grows colder My body grows harder My hair grows longer The days grow darker   Look back and find I'm standing alone again And I come to discover
I put up walls too high Barricade myself inside I run away and try to hide But here's the secret I want you to come in See, the walls were made to crumble The barricades to come down
I broke the wall that holds me in.
You see that person, you had a past, you wish it didnt end that way.  You wish that it couldve last but you realize you wouldve messed it up anyway.   But if there was another strike
I live in a time Where people have many walls. I also live in a time Where people desire to overcome these walls In any way possible. They have walls of anger and spite Inside their body and mind.
Being black shouldnt discriminate, unike any other. Being brown shouldnt mean i have to drown in this society. Being brown should enable me to get a crown,just like any other. Being black shouldnt be a set back.
The width of a smile is proportionate  To the woman's disconsolate heart 
  I am not my reflection I am not my reflection I am not my reflection And if I am not how I look to myself, I’m sure as hell not how I look to you.  
The walls of a former insitution Make up the constitution Of my school Where its cool To be utterly complacent Completely adjacent To anything that matters   I can't have empathy
Walls all around Tears fall on the ground Black is all i see Fear wells up inside of me; but there is always hope in view A chance to start anew Obstacles constanly stand in the way 
Walls built up they block out any glimpse of peace friend or foe i'll never Know   Where shines truth in the scared shrouded face of the girl I used
They built these walls to protect me At least that's what they said. "Monsters, demons and darkness live Beyond these high stone walls" Entrigued I was by their small fact
I don't write because it's my passion, that I would touch millions of souls with my mind, I'm not dying for that to happened. I write because it's my reliever. the pen as it moves acrosss the paper helps me to alievate the pain I suffer.
These walls are clutteredwith the scribblingsof clumsy hands.Small fingers clench markerstoo big to hold tight enoughto articulate dreamstoo great to let go of.Us “grown ups” know nothing
That moment when you feel your life is in shambles. No longer the elasticity left in you  to be the glue. All that's left is to grab a hammer and join the crew. Hack a way at the remains.
I wish you could see you as I see you, So for a little bit, let me break through, Through walls of stubborn mortar and hard brick, I promise you I will be very quick.
We will never again label people like animals they said We will never again let a government kill millions they said But what about the immigrants I say
You know you’re a horrible person. Your walls won’t let you forget. Closing in, I’m sorry dear. These are the things you don’t want to hear. But walls have voices and ears to listen.
Sadistic you are Weary is I The battle has been won Are you proud? Is there enjoyment in pain, pain that you have caused? Do I deserve it, no
I see all of the flowers When drought gives them pain You help them by crying showers Say you love them in the rain I'm in drought because I'm lonely What about me? Can you do the same?
Steinmen, Rosa, MLK The preachers and poets, championing a new era Heroes far beyond their years Instilled with wisdom They cried blood and sweat and tears and pain And still they kept up the fight
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