video games

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Life is like a video game. Like sims, except not as easy and in some ways not as hard. its filled with puns that are cheesy and it’s filled with birthday cards but life is like a video game.  
Game rules. I do gaming. I play video games Without cheating in any way. Game rules.
Dear Mr. Toscano,   What be better joy Than to form a gaming club To make a school hub     Collin Brown
Dear Emile,   It was seven years ago, When you were wrapping up a show, A show of Japanese myths and legends, Both of heros and felons,
A Raichu that is sad For a Darkrai becoming bad love can be astrange for ya lad but for two Pokémon to be inove and glad its a great love connection not to ged mad for a Pokémon will soon become a dad
Press start, begin the game.Character creation is all the same.Time to wear the standard armorAnd explore the grounds I adore.  Arrive in the kingdom's brandAnd make my way to one of the chestsScattered across the landwhere I store my valuablesTo
Some days can really drag me down, often leaving me worried or with a frown. Piles of homework assimilate on my ground, but one thing always keeps me sound. Video games, often slandered around, but the media can be such a hound.
What Bad Luck. I got lost. What Good Luck. I found a Game Stop. What Bad Luck. Its kinda sketchy. What Good Luck. I found the game I wanted. What Bad Luck. Its over my budget.
Oh Holy Ghost this ehco toasts to love that's long been gone.   I started praying because of you. Like the Holy Ghost you were always there, always wanted never there, never wanted My first love.
Whenever something goes wrong i my life that is only one place i could look at. The only direction i look at is one that is filled with video games. When things goes bad i look at what bring me true joy in this accursed world. 
I was a player one without a player two Not knowing whether I should continue I was down to my last heart And afraid to press start To play the same level course And only to have the same ending of divorce  To be confronted with an OBJECTI
I only let you see what you want to see, It would be in vain to show the other me For there is no Justice on either side, And my fear itself has forced me to hide-- But society doesn't care--No, why would they?
This boy I feel I know very well, He likes to wear a hat. All of the posters he has are for games, except for a couple drawings his grandma gave. A box of "secret" things is on his work table..
Much like the popular game My Life takes a similar name Where time has caused me to fall I've stood, high above it all.  Without my Determination,  I could never come back for graduation
I am 4 years old all pink dress, all blond hair, all blue eyes when strangers ask my name i tell them, that i am princess peach                                               
She has to jump across this lava pit, The one that I designed to test her timing skills a bit. I’m in the chatroom with her viewers, cheering, But some have doubts that she’ll get past the level that she’s nearing.
Level One: "Press Play!" I become familiar with the basic rules of the game (collect fruit, jump over obstacles, and reload just to name a few).
My hands grip the controller, Energy flows through my veins, I feel all the power, As the title screen begins,   I walk through fictional gates, Where my new adventure awaits,  
Dream Job! It rings in our minds, We set eyes towards that, each with different wants. Mine is to be a video game designer. Let my imagination flow out, see it become tangible,
Our daughters with rusty needle and red glass 
Now eighty hours in, and not one loss- The end has come, to defeat the final boss. Moving, fast paced, dodging strategically- Wait for your moment, to flank your enemy. You are wise and strong, but he is bigger-
They always say "right on like Donkey Kong", Fat monkey and little cap monkey. What's so right about an ape? Pixilated, pumping monkeys eating bananas together.
The eyes water, throbbing behind sockets. One more kill until this game is done.   Throbbing behind sockets, electrical pulses run up through the cords into the burning computer screen.
My life is a Video Game It all started with my parents They decided to insert a coin into a slot, And then pressed the button START.
  I don’t call myself a man. I don’t claim to know of war, But I have seen the haunted looks which make the strongest hearts sore.
“You’re obsessed,” They tell me. So what? You’re addicted to a cell phone; I‘m addicted to video games. There’s nothing like it and quite honestly, I prefer it that way.
I speak to the dead, After I have wasted three and ninety lockpicks Just to get a potato out of a long forgotten box. How is it not rotten? I really need to get to Whiterun but Lydia blocks me in the hallway.
Upload and upgrade the system Network password needed for download Accessing content information complete Game on.... Play. Create avatar and name....Start. Forced through a dungeon Protect the fortress
We're all players in This weird game called life To level up you have to get an education But your stats suck unless you get the best grades Some people don't make it too far
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