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I am moreThan the spaceBetween my legs.You won't holdMe backToday.
You.You think you want me outta your life?We both know that's a lie.Sure I'll give some space to fly.But without me long, you die.This is our complicated relationship.  Face it.
the white man has two hands buys nothing but name brands wears jordans he thinks he can but no, that is for the black man popo oppress cause blacks much stress
AFTER 12 HOURS THE FUNERAL: brothers accused of removing dead sister from coffin. a ceramic angel stands over the destroyed remains. MOON AT 11 O’CLOCK HANGS LIKE A GOLDEN CRADLE ON HER RIVERBEDS,
Dead legs dragging, She'll cut them off To save the whole, Sad but not sorry, Wishing for wings. Desperate to fly because walking here was fatal.
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