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I am the girl with the blues. Trying to cover up this bruise That has harden my heart Lord this pain is tearing us apart Al I want is to restart I’m sitting here with these blues
Do I even know the true me? He's hidden in the darkest alley
The Slam Behind the Curtain. What a curious sound. They looked, and looked, but it was just me they found.   They keep on looking past me, eyes searching up high and low.
She sits as a mute everyday, when speaking pushes her heart. She looks with a stoic face, when a smile threatens to break her face. She listens with a tentative ear, when she is tired of hearing. 
  The true me Can’t you see? The weight of the world is constantly weighing on me Like the branch of a tree, Delicate, Stiff, Weak. I can’t show the real me Because someone might see
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