thank you

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I wrote a poem once about how you need to break To truly shatter if you ever want to learn to put yourself back together again Because no mosaic is built without first becoming broken pieces
     A thank you for being here not for doing things or giving things not for materials or for making something but just for being here      You chose everyday to be in my life
Every night my mind plays melodies From a song I haven’t quite learned yet Perhaps I never will But she also weaves thank you letters   Thank you’s for all the people in my life The ones who left me
Happy as a butterfly Smart as a bee The sugar to my tea You were there for me You watched me grow And begged me to dance As I jumped for the stars From my heels to my tippy toes
Thank you teacher ,for your kind gesture. You reached deep in my heart, and encourages me to start. You polished me ,and I found what I could be. You made me a way ,to give me a better day.
after all you have done to hurt me  i wish you nothing but peace and the last thing you will ever get from me
As my teacher, You have taught me all I can do is try, As my friend, You have taught me never to cry,
Can we take a moment to just stop? Just stop. Stop and think. Think about people. The people in your life. How your life is with those people in them. How your life is without those people in them. 
Those days when we were children Sometimes I reminisce About if we could repeat them  And all the naps I’ve missed   The pillow fights the cookie mouse And running in the breeze
I used to get so mad at you It was easy to be sad and blame it on you How could I even talk to anyone? No one understood But I guess it was always a long shot that any one could.  Alcohol to some seemed to cool
Every day is planned out to the minute Most of us have never had teachers that cared this much You have always taught us in spirit With a special, caring touch  
Julia, We never would have worked, You knew it long before I did. Before you left I had a friend, Now that you’re gone I feel alone.
Nokomis  Isoäiti Grandmother  but she was so much more    she taught me how to love  and to be loved to be kind learn as much as you can
L.C. S.H. E.S. A.S. Mentoring me to my most marked moments.  Love of dear friends is showing me to the path of happiness. I am grateful for the bound of blessings you each have bestowed on me.  
How to thank someone    to whom I owe everything?  The silent struggle   with this new stranger    unable to trust    my heart crying, “danger”.  The silence stretched     in a power struggle     while I stared at the wall    not moving a muscle. 
She is the clay that molded me. A soul's travel that passed down from mother to daughter. What is bad and what is good, What depends and flows within the gray, Values embedded in DNA.
Just as the wind directs the sea, My father directs me. For so long, he went unnoticed Yet he stayed so devoted. Never did he waver
I am young and I have an interest. You said, that’s exciting! I am young and I say, I still have an interest. You said, research it. I am young, I researched it and I still have an interest.
Thank you for helping me,  I was in doubt and could not see, Potential was always there,  But I was too stuck on how life was not fair, The best Aunt anyone could ask for, 
A platform for Thespis and song,  I would like to thank the stage.  A barrier from audience and wrong,  I would like to thank the curtain.  A guide off the stage and on,  I would like to thank the lights. 
I write this both to thank you and to forgive you,And I hope you can forgive me just as much.Maybe not now, but one day.
I’m just an empty husk without You:   Striving without ever thriving, Running hard but never arriving, Dragging my way through life, only surviving, Wishing I could run and hide.  
What all has my mother done for me? She's read to me, cooked for me Made all my favorite food And even when she was stressed from work, to me she was never rude  
You taught me about me about life and everything it holds Through the dark windy nights and days so cold   You brushed my hair and wiped my nose While singing a song about my little toes  
Thank you for leaving.... becasue in between all of the world drowning me due to your mistake  I was able to find myself and breathe.
Lead.  To lead and to guide To show and experience and be the light Taken under your wing I am thrown  into a new, alien world in which  everything screams 'opportunity'
Thank you. It’s never said enough, But when it is said, It’s said with much appreciation. But who do I thank?   I thank my parents,
When I was young, You were already there in my world,  Invisible but broad in other ways, And I've always wondered why you stayed, When all you've done is give, And I'll I've done is take.  
You came like a breeze, A small caressing touch of cool wind, Refreshing under such suppressive heat. It was not until then, That I was choking on the air I breathed, Or tearing at the day,
There have been people who tried with me when I didn't deserve it and I am forever grateful because if they hadn't of tried with me, I would not be writing this today and I would be who I am. Dating back my fourth grade english teacher, Mrs.
I dont think words could simply express how much I want to thank you  Thank you for how you've taught me that I can't get everything I want Thank you for teaching me that I'm not meant to stay up until 3am reading short stories 
I look at your smile And all I can say is thank you You reminded me That a smile And a little care Is all you need to survive Just a little longer When the world is crashing down
I look at your smile And all I can say is thank you You reminded me That a smile And a little care Is all you need to survive Just a little longer When the world is crashing down
To my spine To those who just happen to find To all whom I have ever been entwined I love you.   Even if our love has gone askew
Your boy has talentI see it in his eyesThat voice carries angels to the skyI wouldn't liePray God on highHear me when I sayHe's gonna make it one day.  
Yo se que no hamblamos de todo pero tampoco hay esa necsisdad porque los mejores momentos son los mas simples. No hay que decir nada para disfrutar esos momentos que pasamos juntos.  
Thank you. Thank you for every second, every day, every year. Thank you for holding me While I cry, And smiling at me While I laugh. Thank you for your time, your trust, your affection,
Once my friend’s mom made me a lunch Never had I ever felt so very touched Simple gestures go such a long way Especially when it’s by such surprise   Smiling and carrying it proud
Dear Authors,   I dream of your literature which keeps me up at night as I pore over each page, deciphering and synthesizing each phrase, detail, and word.  
Dear Emile,   It was seven years ago, When you were wrapping up a show, A show of Japanese myths and legends, Both of heros and felons,
Dearest J, You were the third person I saw in this world You were my irritating other half You pushed me down So I pushed back I pushed better
Dear Mom,   Thank you Thank you for being there through all the hard times Thank you for singing me to sleep and reading me stories
She used my fire and burnt me to the ground. Everything was burning to ashes, nothing was ok everything was falling apart, and there was nobody, but then you pulled me out of the fire.
dear inamorato, thank you for your transient endearment. for the fleeting happiness, the momentary contentment, the oft aurora rendezvous, for your ephemeral devotion. thank you for the hope,
Before I met you I thought the words “I love you” Always came with an ulterior meaning So when you told me you loved me I waited for you to tell me what it was But you never did
When you were mine I took care of you. I didn't care that we were both girls, I made sure you knew I loved you, And you made sure I knew I was loved. When I finally told my mom about us
To the sky so blue,  the grass so green, the lavender whispering in the summer breeze. The laughter ringing down the hall,  And Grandma's voice on the phone, The smell of homemade cooking,
Will they ever know how much they mean to me? How even on the hardest days they could make me smile? When I was at my worst when I had no reason to go on, when I was done with the world,
Anya Zebell 10 May 2017 Adopting a New Land  When I moved from Ukraine there was a lot of pain New faces New places I didn't know what to think let alone, let it sink
My entire life something had been lacking endlessly looking for that absent piece Then you can in with your hyper attitude Fear devoured me at first glimpse however you were able to change, that fear
Thanks to you  I was left feeling blue. You finally gave me a chance To get out of your trance. Thanks to you I was left without a "how-to" I didn't know how to move on
Don't take this the wrong way,  You knew what I meant when you started dating me.  You knew I was different, You knew I could care. But you threw me away, you left me bare. 
No Thank You. I don’t want the stress. Senior year, college too No Thank You.  I can’t deal with it. Not all of the work.
What makes me feel good? What makes me happy? What makes me smile? What makes me laugh? Thats the question I ask Waking up getting out of my bed thanking the lord for another day
Thank you, Oh, Father For You have awaken me You are King of Kings
When I fet like I could talk to no one, You were there for me. Through my troubling thoughts and feelings, I could open up to you, Poetry.    My smile always plastered across my face in public
Do you make wishes at 11:11Do you plan from 11:09 When your hope bubbles over andAll of your troubles and desires File into a line where the biggest dream races practicality for a spot in the frontAnd converts to words soon to be evaporated into a
I was riddled with anxiety on the fist day, Unsure of who to speak to, or what to say. I was afraid of the world, and the people around, Unsure of my place, I was lost, afraid to be found.
Siempre me levantas, Cuando me caigo al piso. Cuando estoy en pedasitos Hecho un rompecabezas que no han podio adjuntar. Cuando me han dejado tirada en la oscuridad,
Eyes wide And stinging With tears Feeling so light And heavy Without fears Warmth growing And fertilized By thanks And gratitude And a smile Quiet but there
Black Veil Brides, The band that saved me from myself. I had lost my passion for music and life, As I was devistated by the world's devices. It was their music that reminded me... It's okay to be different,
It’s not a thing I couldn’t live without, but a person. The person that I will forever have a special bond with because we are one of the same.
Thank you. You changed my entire life with a simple smile. You bring me happiness and gratitude, and make me into a better women everyday.   Thank you.
I can’t deny this: You make life hard for me.   Each morning when I wake up It feels as if the world is sitting on my shoulders.
Dear Kiersten, I hope heaven isn't just full of angels. I hope there are abundant ladybugs, majestic horses, and cuddly dogs. I pray heaven is filled with beauty and song!
  To the people who said they were my friends then completely ruined me: Thank you.   Thank you for totally destroying my ability to trust anyone.
The words don’t come easily for me When I write about you. You’re this patch of sunlight On a cold, wet day. I’m thinking, “Thank you”
I woke up to an unmade bed, with checkered walls and a velvet rug In the eye of the ghost with the eagle heart instead. The rat patrol was on my tail, but I knew what I could do Now listen to the rats rush in
They tell me that I'm "glowing" and all I can reply, Is "thank you" with a great big smile,
There is no need. For your kind words. It was an HONOR . To have served. In the United States Marine Corps Of the Nation of my birth. My four uncles in my family.
The covers for never leaving after a one night's stand the bed that support me as I sleep the house that has provided shelter from storm and insects the computer purchased by my mother to help me keep up with the days
Trees, Oceans, Desserts, Mountains. Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. Rain, Sun, Snow, Sleet All combine singing to me.   The Deer that crosses my path in search of hope.
It was on that dark, depressing night So very silent Giving me nothing to do But think Think about everything that has ever happened That I have ever done I was contemplating my life
~Dedicated to Courtney Bennett, my 9th grade physical science teacher~
To whom it concerns, Have you a clue what you did for me? All the great memories I have just because of you. Never did I expect someone to impact my life as much as you have. Keeping me happy must've be your job
I don't think that I can see it as well as other people You can do it again and again for centuries Checking my work My new job Making costumes Doing makeup The only thing that can make me happy
Why do this to me? Why us three?   Why can't you see How could you leave me be   Can't you see me cry Don't you ear me aski'n why?  
I don't know who I am anymore. I don't know what it means to feel motivated in something that you really love doing since people expect you to be perfect. I continue to push but for what?
18 years of my life have come to pass, 18 years of emotions both good and bad. When I was born I was told I'd be destined for great things, and even with the screw ups and faults you all think that way as it would seem.
Thank you.   I honestly don’t know how to put it any other way but Thank you.   Thank you teachers for choosing this career path. Thank you for dealing with
I'd like to think of you as just a road block; a strong lightning storm That gave me a shock. I'd like to pretend you were just a crush, Just a girl who gave me a rush.
As I lie here on my bed, I can't help but think of all the lies I've been fed.
Stressful butterflies fluttering My heart continues stuttering Seeing your face makes my day
This is what it's like? Having friends I mean. Having people love you, Having them care.   This is what friends get me? Memories full of smiles to overshadow those of sorrow?  
Thank you so much for last year. I want to thank you for the tears, the subtle insults, and the ignoring, I probably took it too much to heart  anyway.  Thank you so much for this year.
You Inspired me: to be a better student, to work harder, to be more social You Helped me: get involved in the community, realize my potential, seek my passion. Mr. McRoberts, you:
I just wanted to thank you teachers For believing in me When I couldn't believe in myself For pushing me to be better For helping me become who I am. Many may disrespect you  Many may hate you
You stand up and teach all day, Then you go home and grade tests. You sit there as life slips away, And I have no idea why you settle for second best. You give me help when I need it the most,
Thank you for guiding me, For showing me That looking around me Is the best answer Or the way to the best answer   I look around myself And I see everything And learn something new
I am a messy thinker.   The sentences of my essays spill over the margins with words scribbled in and crossed out Countless revisions
If only your students knew how much you do for them. They don’t see the blood and sweat you pour into your lessons, They only know they can’t understand. Your students don’t know that you go home and grade
Listen with the night falling we are say thank you we are stopping on the bridges to bow from the railings we are running out of the glass rooms with our mouths full of food to look at the sky and say thank you
I have no heart, So how do I live ? I have no love, so what do I give ? I have no feelings so what do I spill . Why do I have I never have time to chill ? Why does being fake prevent you from being real ?
I see her hurting, lying broken, Air filled with words unspoken, He shouts and breaks again the silence With his ceaseless violence, And yet she remains, standing tall, Leaning, breaking, against the wall,
SHADOW It, who doesn’t hurt It, who doesn’t care But truthfully It is not who It tries to be It is simple and It has feelings Words hurt It and on the inside, It’s feelings scream
Love can't be touched; Love isn't tame; Love won't give you fame; I love you so much i cant help but clutch my heart that you used as a game.
Life is rough and we all have experienced the bumpy roads keep your head up and hang in there you see those bullies? that storm that just crushed your home? the adversities you face everyday? dont let them get to you
Wondering mind leads you to question how to mend this relationship we so helplessly destroy. It's like love without a purpose yet love of such chaos brings also moments of joy.
There once was a girl who knew everything, A witty comeback, an intelligent review, a passing observation All eloquently exhaled from her blood red lips. With a transparent snap of her fingers
I know me saying this isn't right But it's how I feel I really want to end my life Yes I am for real
This ring and I have been through it all Seasons, months, funerals and joy This ring is my brother, my sister, and friend Till death do us part this ring is my man
Time together spins a silver flurry The night wraps around my limbs to comfort Vital force screams for you from my body Will, tenet, and my guard are taken down Affection from you melts me like chocolate
Long brown hair, Dark, frizzy and out of touch. Long black lashes, Glasses that covered her big brown eyes.
Trust Issues I loved him I thought we were forever But he had someone else He thought he was clever
It’s a hard thing to describe It’s so hard to explain Just I can’t help it Feeling this way Just the way you smile The way you sing a song Makes my heart soar A million miles away
Feeling alone Let down Hurt Misunderstood Unloved Ready to cry at any given moment Just wanna be hugged, and loved , and held , and asked are you ok I cry at the most random moments
Sometimes certain situations are just so hard to deal with, other situations are easy, but the hard ones teach you a lesson in life, weather its for the worst or the better.
dam valentines is already hear for real cuz i need more then a day to show you how i feel i remember the first day that we met u had a ponytail n u was wearin sweats I thought to myself you look kinda cute
I often look to the yellow lillies in the garden on campus Friends pass me and time shifts Is it not the success that people want? Or perhaps it's the driven motive in which we attempt to strive Unjust it truly is,
He stands alone Fighting to hold it together, but he's already breaking Crying the tears that no one should have to shed Using black to help conceal the pain so red
No one knows her story like I do so let's see if you can understand it too.
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I care so much it hurts.. Deep inside my heart, And now my eyes are open Because we are apart, This world is fading. It is turning dark. My bright world of smiles, Has begun to fall apart.
You tell me I'm no good With every word I say Everything comes out lies, betrayal, and trust including your own friends would say those things Have you seen the things I've done? No.
Sadness is so peculiar It creeps up on you, and then bam, It hits you with its full force It overpowers you And you don’t know what to do You just sit there, weeping, hoping
There is a castle underneath the Sea, Under the Moon. Only those who have lost can see it. Only the ones that have felt true sorrow.
I’m staring into your beautiful eyes, As we sit away from the world, What people say about us is only lies, There’s nothing wrong with me and you.
There is a voice that echoes without measure It bounces off the faces of those who came before it It dances in the acres of nostalgia This voice carries a fire That burns Burns With the thrills of a thousand souls It possesses the pain and agony o
You know when you were little And you had your hand In the cookie hand You turned and almost died of embarrassment When you saw your dad’s face
You know that feeling When you’re empty and alone When there is no one you can turn to Remembering when the sun once shone You used to be able to laugh About nothing at all
Sometimes it hurts to live, To wake up and not have a reason to... It hurts to move, to remember, to want. That pain once constantly plagued my heart... Until I realized there IS a reason.
I'm going to take this time to say, that this woman is beautiful l in her own way. From the joy in her smile and the sparkle in her eyes, proves that there is more than this woman then betwee her thighs.
I’m so glad you’ve moved on I’m so glad you’ve found better you finally look like your life is together I’m so happy you’ve moved on and found someone that makes you smile someone that makes you feel
Tap tap, on the glass of life that is swift. Lift, up the locusts from their chests, A plague would be uncalled for, so To suggest the progress achieved so much earlier in
I am tired of playing this sick game I don't understand why I always take the blame Sure I don't give people the impression But it sure feels like depression Someone needs to take the pain away
Last days for Dad, I wasn't really glad, So naive and harsh, Mom told me, "I'm done." "As we change, we're going to have fun." I sat in the car with relief and despair,
(poems go here) Its da same stuff jus a different day n I'm tired I'm tired of da fussin n fightin da uncontrolable cryin I'm tired of goin 2 bed at 4am thnkn wat if?
A solid heart or a plastic smile? I wonder and ponder on this subject in my class , My teacher distorting history to make plenty cash , I just back and laugh .
What is Love? What is its meaning? Is Love an action? Or is it a feeling? Is Love worth the pain? Is it worth the tears? Will it last a month? Or will it last for years?
Pain in my sight Feeling like there's no more fight I can't sleep through the night With all these tear feel like it ant real My Momma my queen We living in these streets
How does it feel to be let down, lead on, lied to, and hurt How does it feel to be kicked down, stepped on and treated like dirt How does it feel to love someone who doesn't love you back
I am young, I am free, I am looking for what I want to be. Doctor or a lawyer, a teacher or a poet. Humm, what will I be? I won't be a bully for reason you should know,
(poems go here) I stopped at our house last night. With every inch of driveway that I covered I felt a calming familiarity.
Justice and praise to the things you embrace weeping for the moment despising the shame we take on none and shake off the sun to be drenched in sorrow only to be captured by grace
Sometimes we fall, we fall down down down, into the abyss we go, untill we hit the bottom. We hit hard. Adrenaline rushes through veins. A rabbit runs along. “I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.”
Im going to die soon, why care about living for. Hardships and force is the only time i praise the lord. And they say, "whenever it rains it pours". I kicked misery out and now im showing pain the door.
That day she wasn't doing too well, we could tell. She seemed a little depressed, we said she needed rest. We had no idea what was inside her head, so she did what we all dread. She cut herself and dropped dead.
I was tried of it all The profanity The abuse The lies I told My caring parents I though I couldn’t do anything But when all of the above Came into one I had to do something
There are so many things I need to thank you for but words are not my strong point. You’ve always understood that. So please accept these thank yous and my eternal dedication. Thank you for existing.
i thank you lord for waking me up im grateful to another day i thank you lord for the sun that shines i am a superstar i thank you lord for the love you give me i learn to love others than myself
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