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Maneuver, Manage, Manipulate You’re not the daring disciple But walk on a frightened river fervidly She doesn’t care if it’s a shuffle
At times I wonder Where I'm headed in this world.   Where is my place?   In an office, the monotony of keyboards? In a bus, a vagrant of burnt-out success?   Or among the stars above me,
The furious sunflower grewup and out fromthe moronic cliffin adversarial passiondespising the repressionto bloom in magnificent effulgenceagainst the odds of austerity.
Prom today. Well I guess yesterday since it’s 2 AM. Everything is so dramatic, and you avoided me all night. Until you got wasted at Mac’s, then you said hello to me.
She lays in the branches of her tree, staring at the stars
Trapped in the web of decisions made, I miss feeling free. Free from the world and it's ensnaring situations, they deceive me constantly. I know I am capable of greatness, however,
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