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Social Media     Facebook -   Making a page that will deliberately describe what I want to say.
If I suddenly disappeared, No one would notice.. If I slipped away for a year, No one would care. So the point in being here ?? None given. No point of existing. No point of living.
Blinded By Lust, Heart Full Of Mistrust, What Does He See Really, What Do The Other Men See, See So Special In Me? Why Do They Chase Me?
I Am Self-Discipline. Brilliance. Dedication. I Am Beautiful. Young. Emancipated. I Am Success. I Am Blessed.
I once met this girl, She was always boucing along happily, Playing without a care in the world, She had friends and extremely great family,
I wander lonely around, As I watch the world move as fast as lightning. I watch those that fall leisurely get up and move on, unbound, While I'm stuck in the black hole I once found shiny.
I paid for my sins with a couple our fathers Five Hail Mary’s and I didn’t even bother Wrapping up the prayer coz I didn’t see the point Church congregation I reluctantly joined
Facebook asking me to write something Asking God to leak inspiration from my veins Open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out my pain It pains me, that I am not living to my full potential
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