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Some folks see her in the window,   just a shadow standing there. Some folks hear her in the morning when she sings her daily prayer, but they’ve never really met her and she likes it just that way.
Life is like a Leaf It always likes to move some may think its strange but when oyu find your groove youll never want to leave. its like a small piece of heaven filled with struggles and delights
I cried.  I sobbed.  My whole body shook and trembled from my cries. Thoughts bounced back and forth in my burning mind.  It was non-stop. 
“A mastermind in disguised by the sins of shattered glass, luring you in by its reflections, leaving you with painful thoughts, false confidence and shame.
Becoming your own person is a crime punishable by death No one cares about your mental health Put your feelings on a shelf Focus on achieving wealth   They want you to sit and accept their shit
Becoming your own person is a crime punishable by death No one cares about your mental health Put your feelings on a shelf Focus on achieving wealth   They want you to sit and accept their shit
Power. The power of motivation. Establishing the works of devotion  Through the power of demonstration 
Reaching for the sun I quickly look away Unable to run From the day   But when I look again I see the moon Smiling at my friend I feel content and swooned  
You’re pretty… he saysfor a dark-skinned girlI usually don’t talk to your I supposed to feel honor?you hopped of your pedestal, down to mine?
Long ago, as a child, Life struggles were simple. The struggle of not doing what I wanted. What a surprise when I grew up! Adults can do what they wish,
At 1 year old, I said my first word. “Mama”, I said in bold, thinking I was already old.   At 3 years old, my parents told me goodnight stories; stories of dreams,
How long would it take For an anchor to sink? How long would it take If I was the anchor?   What if the waves crashing above Were the daily struggles  I was meant to face  
What can you say   What can you do  
Why am I sad Why do I want to cry  
There is only so much a person can take   Anger is a dangerous emotion
When you feel so down and low   And you can't seem to reach the boat
My thoughts Once again they fight me  
Wandering through life Losing touch with reality Facing your problems What is this You can't stand to see   It started out with one Became two Then three They come and they come
My mind was jumbled, like a puzzle piece trying to fit into a mold that wasn’t shaped for me. Trying to come up with the reason as to why I couldn’t be both.
Tell me all your stories of all the things you've seen Tell me about your struggles Tell me what they mean   Tell me about your past And where you got your scars Tell me about your walls
i swear the shadows take me, just like i swear that i am fine. i swear that i am hopeless but i swear that i am trying i swear to lift my head up  when others push it down i swear i know my place
To whoever may read these words,  
You came into my life unexpected You brought me truth resurrected A broken fool, I was A falling stone; lost cause You gave me hope You showed me love You never took no, wouldn't let go
Dear life, You are beautiful. All of the trials; all of the struggles. She just lost her unborn baby due to violence. She had been hoping for a girl. 
you think a lot you think about the space above the planets and stars when you're sad and alone oh how you wish to be a star you bet stars don't have to deal with what you have to deal with
Shot down while I was broken still healing from the words unspoken. As the situations raging, I’m just flipping through His pages. Ultimately His words are the best to find healing and rest.
Sometimes,  i lose hope. sometimes the pressure is too much sometimes the memes are too dank for me for my family for my community for us all so i must share them  BUT!
I am cold with three blankets on There is frostbite gripping at my toes as I pull them in close The first reminds me of the time the power went out
Will they ever know how much they mean to me? How even on the hardest days they could make me smile? When I was at my worst when I had no reason to go on, when I was done with the world,
America. The land of the free and home of the brave? No, you're only really free if your skin isnt past a certain kind of shade, and apparently the brave are the ones who openly and continuously exercise their right of the second amendment.
Lifting my eyes to the sky above me, I enjoyed one last glimpse of the light. And as I prepared my heart, in came the clouds of darkness To surround me in a seemingly endless night.  
The changes I see were only meant to be. God has a plan, always told, but not a big fan. Young naïve, no understanding  of what I should do.  Reassured was I, that everything was fine.
The new year calls for change The new year calls for better Physically, mentally, eternally Living a never-ending battle  365 unpredictable days gone
Life is a bitch. It is either a bitch to you, Or it is your bitch. This year it was my bitch.
We started the year shaky and unstableFighting, never understanding or ableI tried to help you move past itI tried to show you by burying the hatchetHowever you still couldn't move on
The low thumping beat in my brain, Is featured with depressing lyrics. I feel the need to cry, Yet I restrain.   That was my first song of 2016.  
The past year has been a tornado of new and old feelings. I have learned lessons and matured because life decisions make you. I dream of being happy in life but sometimes its not an easy route.
January – Just establishing new year resolutions, just dreaming about who I want to be, just looking back over the past year The Beginning.
I never really understood life This constant process looking for a drive Not taking in what was achieved  But looking at the future and old please  I learned that life is a game Some people more constrained 
I journeyed through the world, overland and overseas. I was born where the sun never sets and never rises. I was purged out into a place, where the heat became my second skin.I went through thick and thin, and I became an African prince.
So close yet so far, to freedom and death. Freedom from hurt, pain, abuse, chains, bruises, tears, fights, cuts, offensive words, breakdowns, loneliness and depression.
how does it feel to float float high high higher into the air you feel free, don’t you? you are a balloon
Have you ever seen a Flower A Single Blooms every Hour But when comes the shower They fight Instead of soaring up like a kite They became a revolting sight  Lowering themselves without delight
Thank you, Mother The greatest gift you have given me are my sisters and my brothers How many times have you lied to protect us? A day didn't pass by that when we didn't make a fuss
I lost myself. Why? Why do you do this to me? Constantly blinding my eyes, clouding my mentality, forcing my heart to beat faster. Why? Why do you allow this to happen?
You say you love me, And you say you care, But how can I believe you When you're never there?   I never see you anymore; You're never at any of my events. You're supposed to care about me!
This is for the kids who walk in the hallways with thier eyes cast towards the floor This is for the kids who play alone on the playground during recess, kicking the wood chips beneath your sneakers, waiting for that bell to ring
Starting college has been pretty fucking hard if I'm going to be honest with you.   Going from straight A's to struggling for C's when I've never had to study before this takes a lot out of me.
There is beauty in everything in life, in death, in whatever comes before but beauty mostly resides inside of a heart
The Monster locked inside this mirror is full of deception, Deceived by a world full of hate and conception. No where to turn to get a gasp of air, There are no self righteous that are godly or fair.
I would like to wrap my words around this page-
And all the bones they carried Became too heavy of a burden With every sunrise it haunted them   Daunted them   Taunted them    
Thinking of control Makes me quiver and upset I mean who wants to leave a life were Pretty much YOUR LIFE is determined By Everyone ones own aspirations,Dreams,& concepts.
Leave, go out of me You’re the thing that kills me You let all my friends see And then they leave  
Struggles are road blocks in your ways Some go away fast, Some go away slow I would like to say they won't hurt you But then I would be lying to you.   I have gone through struggles all my life
Around me four  [Walls] Surrounded by four [Walls] If they could speak What would they say?
I look around my messy life And try not to whine or cry I choose here and now to fix it up Not wallow until I die!    I'll start with schoolwork- such a chore The textbooks just bring me tears
Define okay; then I can tell you
Without the filters who am I? Without the filters will I die?   Millions persuaded to become something they're not, only to find that out that what's inside....has changed a lot.  
I've made mistakes, But they don't define me.   I have regrets, But I am not what I've done.   I have secrets, But they're part of my past.   Come dawn, And come day.
Our bodies are nothing but sacred battle grounds.Our ribs wrap around our chests to ensure that no one else feels the earth-shaking explosions that rock our cores. Our muscles ache and strain just to keep every struggle confined and hidden. 
Like stars we are born Proud and loud But as time goes on Some will fade While others shine with waxing strength
She's so far gone it's like she was never here Just a hint of a glimpse of a what if,
For one minute, the past
The struggle is here, the struggle is now.
One white kid in the whole neighborhood All my friends spoke Spanish but still I knew the truth That every one of us wants the same exact thing To find a safe haven and to have a family  
Time goes by so quickly there was little time to contemplate the joy we had in our daily lives We hardly thought of our loved ones and our friends because our hectic life had no room for it
Yesterday I thought I was dead My pen was gone My brush had disappeared My brain was lost The clouds were gray And the sky was black The rivers were full of blood
My life has a multitude of pieces
My car doesn't need gas it runs on drive to go fast
When  was young, my first word was "Momma"
Twinkle Twinkle Big bright star Our precious baby you`re not so far. When I`m sad and feeling alone, I close my eyes and know you`re in heavens home. Every day my heart aches,
He desired to be numb and cold
When one is born, the doctor says, "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"
The struggles that seem to always fall, no matter whether they are BIG or small. Struggles always seems to find my way.
As I ruminate over everything my parents had done for me  I declare in my thought, before it slips, it gets caught I will repay them back for the hardwork they did so I can be here, now 
Here’s to high school,
no no no ! it cant be happening again PLEASE NO ! leave me alone, get your hands off me, please leave me alone ! deep breaths, sweating, the hands reaching out of the walls
no no no ! it cant be happening again PLEASE NO ! leave me alone, get your hands off me, please leave me alone ! deep breaths, sweating, the hands reaching out of the walls
I stand in the middle of the storm, Thunder roaring, rain pouring. What’s this burden that we’re forced to play? The game in which we will lose at anyway.   I stand in the middle of the storm,
I'm speaking
I recall a time not long ago... When I sat amongst the sand, When the waves broke on the shore, And the sun baked my hands.    I recall a time I lay, Utterly at peace. A time long before,
I am a good person. Im telling myself that because I know I am a good person. Well, to be self-honest, to keep the truth before my tired eyes: maybe its just my appearance. My persona is often oppressed and affected by other personas.
at a young age, 
Oh struggle, my true friend and enemy Oh how you ruthlessly hurt and help us Oh my hated foe and valued ally Oh what a paradox you are thus     You give us both triumph and tragedy
We walked along and he was there, his clothe
I don't know what got me in this position.
Sit and stare at the photo
There grows a boulder On the path that I walk Rock grows on my skin So I am tough Trying to find a new All of the sudden it appears A detour, a way I start the new knowing, Time passes by
"I've never done this before can we just take it slow?" "Yeah don't worry girl i'll be gentle." "Wait.. you have a condom right?" "Nah but it's ok I'll be sure to pull out...."
If you choose to do so 
Walls may be thick but the voices are louder. The sobs of a child bellow through the door, Sending pain through my heart
A world without pain Would be a sweet summer day No more hurt No more sorrow No more wishing to look like the worlds definition of beautiful   A world without pain  Would be a comforting song
There is no day as was such yesterday, There was time to whistle and scream, with all the gleefulness of being gay. How happy those longs lost day seem to be, as we stand on the cliff looking over seas.  
The struggle that I'm fighting from within Which continues from day's beginning and night's end I know no one will ever understand,
Struggles are real, Struggles come to kill, But hold on tight and don't let it steal. 
I hear a faint dissonance travel You again, in homely tears  I am the wet nurse at your disposal;  So, let me be drained by the frenzy of desperation . . . .   Crusade along the barren land,
The glass spreads in my sight, shimmering. It’s so smooth and still I can see my face. And so I sit on the banks of the stagnant world below me and close my eyes. I listen to the
I see the students running through the halls. I can feel the stress brought on by life.  I see girls trying to hide the rips on jeans. I see people hiding strips of hair colour brought on by a need 
  My Brooklyn is Park Slope filled with perfectly aligned brownstones and mom and popshops; It's the kids who constantly invite me to Prospect Park to smoke a joint,
The scarf that rests upon my head In Arabic, "Hijab" May seem to some a fearful threat Mysterious to some.   The names, the teasing. Whispering. The silence of my tongue replies
You and me, We had amazing memories, Staying up listening to Miley, Talking about our parties.   Blaring out to your music, Singing to the lyrics we know, You yelling at me to choose it,
As day turns to night we suffer as we try to get though life. Our struggles may be different from anothers. We may not always see their struggles.
I am just a little girl, A tiny little thing. I've got a scary monster, Hidden within. The monsters came out, From under my bed, And those monsters crawled out And into my head.
That old book, in the corner, dusty and left behind. That is God to me. That book will always be there for me and anyone who needs him.
A long seventeen years ago, there were things I had to forgo, moving around from place to place, the kids at school would never see a smile on my face, every other week going from house to house, staying still and quiet as a mouse,  I didnt know w
Who Am I? Confused, Terrified, Unworthy Inside Smiles, Bright, Cherished Outside Does everyone think this way or Is it just me? As the starting point of a child's book is about to unwrap here to see. 
She is mysterious  Yet comes in many ways She works for an eternity Works with no mercy She's an awesome multitasker She never rest She causes broken families Shes heartless, and ruthless
I stumbled upon you by pure coincidence,yet, I believe in that momnet you devoured my soul.You were the answer to all of my hopes and prayers,another half to make my heart whole.
An ocean of my blood and tearskilling me with my own fears.I let myself drownin all this misery.You can trybut I won't let you save me.
Sober Thoughts,You're just wasting my time.Grab the bottle,It was in the back of your mind.In the darkened place,Where I always hide.Drown it out,A waveless tide.
My Life Be Like/"Oh you're happy? Let me make you sad."/"You're in a relationship?
I'm on this path to my pursuit of happiness trying to get back to that place where a smile wasn't rare remembering my days as a child a time of pure carefree bliss death was just a word
  I have a dream, Similar to Martin Luther King, I want us all to succeed. The words, "We have finally made it" to be uttered through our hearts, Shared by Our differences,
What is college Why should you go Is it pointless What does it show Getting a higher education Staying in school Focusing on your career What could you lose Just your time
Home is my burning desire. My soul has been set on fire. Feelings of lost hope. I am on a downward slope. Dreams crushed as no tomorrow, With none left to share or borrow. Aromas of the unknown,
Company, Mindless thoughts to tell them, Saying what you think. Bright one early Sunday, He took my hand in his claiming it. Choppy words and sounds, Playing through the day,
I want to love you, but I feel like we rushed. Two months went too quickly. It left me thinking, "Is this lust?" You said it was more, and with me you did agree, and getting "us" back
Its crazy to go from a gangster to a christian A loud mouth to a listener A gun toter to a bible holder A brother fighter to a man molder To go from ripping and running the streets To hymnals moving my feet
I can't help but feel that something's offYou avoid meFor reasons that I cannot seeI feel like the third wheelWas what we had before surreal?
Please just let me go homeI can't stay hereNothing satisfiesI can't even eatThe sight of food makes me sickI just really want to leave
I stare at the dark abyss of my bedroomDaydreams flow through my headAnd I wonderA question that has bugged me for years
Why I Hurt What is this pain in my chest?I'm supposed to be better nowOver it But I guess I still hurtBecause no matter whatThings will never be the wayThey used to be
this place you call home, well it’s burning you down find a place for change, take a chance, invent hope you’re more than what you do and where you are you’re beautiful.
Everyone has a time in which they question themselves, Question thier very existance. It can make the strongest and happiest people crack. When you feel like your life is shattered glass 
I sit with a post it, Willing the words from my sophomoric mind, And they do not come, For I have nothing to say.   
Wandering Words  A violin has potential to awaken a heart with her lovely tune Just as words have the potential To free someone
The pain that I felt over the years The kind that brought those silent tears The more I saw my heart break The less of a women in myself I thought I could make Many times I thought I fought my love
Broken streets mind is forced to travel, Empty soul enforced to search. Trembling hands hunt for redemption, Merely paper they unearth.   Lips begin to quiver As crystal escapes at last,
He writes poetry, He writes art. Poetry brings out the loud voice within him, Poetry was the elation he needed during those dark moments in high school. Yes, poetry was his anti-depressant. His drug.
  The 5 senses I was blessed with became my curse   I saw, I felt, I smelled, I heard, i tasted what my life offered me   My hopes, thoughts, and dreams became deflected  
As I sit in my room I ponder the many reasons why I write. A ponder and wonder and think for a moment. I have many reasons, and I shall try to be contrite.... I write to escape.
Poetry What it meant to me before Just words written in a stanza With rhymes and patterns I knew that they’re art expressed in words
They just need a lighthouse keeper some light to pull them into and a person to hold the light steady steady for them to see and follow steady like a tree a tree that stands tall in the forest
With my head held high And my hijab* a blazing sign Of my identity  I step out into the open world And a torrent of whispers unfurl Suddenly around me   Amid the stares, the looks, the sneers,
Another sunrise, another sun set, another day gone Time flies and waits for no one Ready or not the tick tock of the clock song Always moving always going Want to slow down but no time for that
  There once was a dragon. He breathed fire. He was bright pink with golden stripes. But he wasn’t a mean dragon. He was a nice dragon who flew around and gave people cotton candy.  
As a little girl, I wonder what I will be. Too many troubles, but all I can do is be me. Negativity is all I see. And I wonder what this world will be. Where Life Takes us, is up to me.
  I'm just walkingOn an adventure you might sayThrough day & night Who knows what I might find?We may just be lost in the wildWhere the wild things are What do we know?
We were born alone to fight the unknown. God only knows how much longer  we can go. The internal battles are stuggles  we keep in bottles. Trying to express who we are in a civilization
They are broken, shaking, bitter and lost— I know it well. I have been standing in the dark Shadowy corner of my cave, Shivering in the mildewed enclosure. I have scraped at these rocks
Her beauty doth shine as ‘twould make the sun Itself seem as though ‘twere but a mere coal. A match for her, there is never a one,
Blows harsh hits of rality with strikes so hard they cause internal bleeding. The wounds appear to be only surface deep but mentally these wounds cause mental catastrophic fatalities
That Life we Live We don't live the life of boredom We are free, we are birds We are always on the move seeing new things, & new things seeing us..
When I’m standing at this ridge between today and tomorrow, And I’m learning to fix my mouth to call myself a woman, And l scratch for the crack of a niche in which I’ll fall into place, I exhale and I write.
My first love By: Ladii Kay
I intend to leave my footprints wherever I go Where I'm going only the heavens know I'm going to live my life,not fast, but slow Indulging in the hardships of becoming successful Walk in my shoes, my life is anything but a joke Travel from being h
I cry every time I think about what you're going through But we all have problems and make mistakes, its true.... No one is perfect, look around and you'll see that no one is perfect, even including me
Sometimes people lose themselves- in themselves. Swimming through blockaded passageways of unchanneled thought and emotion, searching for a discord.
Why do I write? Someone may ask, See me I write, Cause there's no one that can understand,
The traitors of the past were never washed away They have procreated and created the haters of today They continue to feed of negativity And deter you from accomplishing any relative impossibility
Calluses riddle his palms that were tender once Marks of the weary Marks of the worried Bags under his eyes darken already dark skin Traces of the teary Traces of the tired
Part I: The Path lit by Darkness Dear little light, My little light, Why did you fly away? The Darkness has come and taken me, Now who hath I to help me see?
Part I: The Path lit by Darkness Dear little light, My little light, Why did you fly away? The Darkness has come and taken me, Now who hath I to help me see?
I look out at my face in the mirror pasted to the bathroom stallMy ears hear my heart break and as my knees begin to fallI realize nothing is left for me here but an oblivion of nothingness
It's kinda funny how when you're small all you dream about is growing tall and becoming an adult. But they never said life would be this hard. It's not all sugar plums and fairy tales.
I've always been told be all you can be "On the rate you're going you have so much to achieve" That's what I would tell myself yet, to some that's not what it seems Make straight A's become All-Area and 1st team
I’ve grown cold, numb to the hurt I used to feel because of you. Never will I shed another tear because of you. You played me. Us I no longer see the world through innocent naive eyes. You made me grow up.
I trek across a wasted land with cries of death around. The crows are mocking at my name, my knees fail, sinking to the ground. The earth bites into my bare flesh as though it is not there.
Ah, Life. The Great Uniter, The Great Divider. So many burdens to bear, so many battles to fight, so many ways to fall. Are you strong enough to walk, powerful enough to run this race?
My mind speaks louder than my mouth Overloaded with plans and memories Trying to figure out a way out of this mysteries. I wish I could rewind And empty this mind I guess that what we call life
You have a castle for a mind and those flags They don't bear enough welcome Put your drawbridge down We won't all hurt you how some have Call off the guards and stone walls
I'm shutting down What else am I to do? Till you come around Till then I'll wait for you So broken How I feel inside words unspoken All these feelings denied
Depending on a soul with never vanish a burden. Heavier and heavier, brick on brick; stress calls the name. Whisper in response and face the pain. Doors closed, surrounded by fear, no way to escape...
I’m from beaches and sand I’m from a shattered life that raises and still stands From new beginnings with new troubles I’m from a place destroyed with rubbles
Please don't yell. Please don't shout Please don’t slam and stop about Please give me silence, one more night of serene back to the old days, for one more dream One single night not waking to a shout
Standing in the wake of destruction Waiting for the wrong to be right again Wondering what happened to the love that was once there Spring time turn to a cold dark bitter winter Everything was carefree
I'm a person too… I'm real also… I have opinions to speak… Why is it that I can't be heard?… Is it because you don't think I deserve to say a word?… Why do you get to decide?… No one is ever on my side…
What if these tears… Added up over the years… Could drown out the screams of the silence that now deafens us… What is they Could wash away the scars of all the battles we once before lost…
A president, an astronaut, that's what I had envisioned An actor surviving a 28 car collision A thread of untruth entwined into a white robe Strobe lights imitating a holy glow
When I think of struggle, what do I see? Sunshine over a withered tree? A person refusing to open their mind Only scared of what they'll find
Behind this smile lies something underneath, that the naked eye cannot see. I'm filled with insecurities and worries. But in time I'll overcome them, just like the protagonist in one of those made up stories.
If love is fleeting what is the purpose what is the meaning an adventure i suppose to sail its salty seas weather its harsh storm to answer its pleas and struggle to conform
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