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Because three times of confrontation is not enough  Because your marriage is not enough  Because your daughter isn't enough     
Today I faced a problem, a growing,      moving,           suffocating realization,  that stopped me in my tracks. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself.
Lurching from side to side, the winds of culture, education, and relationships washed my little mind to and fro.   My little mind, asail at sea,
Tonight, it’s the future that keeps me up, rapping at my head like a madman.   He reaches out his hand, ever slowly Like a snake finding its way to my weakness
Sometimes when you complain all I can think is that 4 million people die every year of dehydration.  Whether your glass is half full or half empty drink that shit and shut the fuck up. 
Chalk dust Flakes from my fingers to my eyes, As I rub the to-dos into lashes And stare at the checkboxes for yesterday
tears spilled in closet nobody knows or cares i'm alone again
Dear Stress,   I thought we were friends, But lately, I can't seem to handle you. You've got to stop clinging to me Because you're gripping too tight And strangling me. I can't breathe,
Dear Stress,   You have not been kind. You used to be bearable. You used to come in waves, and You used to come from out of nowhere. You would visit me here and there, but
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