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Beauty  There are so many definitions But this is the best You That's all  Just you  You are beautiful You are flawless No but's about it You may not be a platinum blonde
What are flaws? But imperfect perfections? It's all in your perspective I am beautiful Because I say so Because I am my only  judge Personal image is such a struggle in today's society
If you told me 16 years ago that my life would turn  out like this, I wouldn't have belived you.   16 years ago I was innocent I was free without restrants I was happy. 16 years ago
When I wake up, I don't think about how I'm gonna impess the world. I wake up knowing I am a beautful girl. When I look in the mirror the person staring back at me,
Flowers prance, Sunshine gleams, Air whistles, and Animals dance. Skipping, hopping, hair caressing the air, with Mother and I. Anticipation ascends, tear drops descend
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