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the dr. Pepper burns as it dribbles down my throat. It was a long night. And an early morning. I never drink soda but I need a little caffeine. A long night And an EARLY morning.
Bottled sounds seep; escape.Our noise mimics semi trucks.All in fluid motion
Here's a poem- Short and sweet. I want a soda. Do you agree? Which one shall it be? Coke...  or Pepsi?
Give me my soda, I won't ask you twice I need it right now, the essence of my life I'll count to three: one, two, okay now give it to me Do you see me laughing? This isn't a joke
¡Qué refrescante acaba de ser dicha bebida!  Una figura cilíndrica que posee unos colores tan vivos  que es extremadamente llamativa a cualquiera que pasa enseguida de ella. 
what is worse feeling sad, lonely, worthless, ugly, horrible... or feeling nothing at all? i told myself i was recovering this is recovery but a little part of me is saying that this is not recovery
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