Slam on Social Distancing

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  Stuck at school Am I a fool For going there When there's a flu   So dangerous If you're too close
  [Verse I] Inside With only two windows Limited to what I could see   Outside Where people used to roam
Six feet separating nothing domatining  that empty space all on your own your mind is blown by how lonely that empty space is.
They announced the first case of COVID-19. It won’t affect me for I’m a teen, I’m ok. My body’s young, immunity strong I never stay sick for long.  
I’ll never see my parents if they hug too many people, and I’ll never see my friends if they are crowded by a steeple, and I’ll never see my lovers if they die before I meet ‘em,
I open my eyes this morning  To cry so many tears  Then deal with so many fears.  I open my eyes and  I came to realize that  The whole world is in fear.  I open my eyes at the TV 
Please stay away, As we each try to find our own way.   Be very careful not to cough, Or the people near you may very well scoff.   Oh, and if you sneeze,
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