slam for ferguson

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Point your gun at me, you think I'll say nothing, you wait and see Organized a felony , you’ve just gotten the best of me Lie to the world and the truth will come out, you are Caucasians without a doubt
People label each other, it's what they do.
Dead   18 he was 18 and dead young, no life lived yet young black men are now forced to fret  because he's dead, 18 and dead   black
The First Amendement  The ultimate rule we live by Abused and neglected, Just like those fighting in Ferguson, Those same warriors fighting for our country, Many become blind to their actions,
Look at him run His big stupid feet We gonna kill A nigga on the street Short nigga, dumb nigga Watch him fall Dark nigga, light nigga Kill em' all White supremacy can't be beat
Slam for Ferguson, this one's called. But I'm so far away; My info comes from research Not personal experience I could never understand Your pain.   Losing a son Because of one
This land is your land.   Gun shot.   This land is my land.   
For I am not here to speak my worth, To tell my side of the story You hear him, his bragging, his nagging, his lying and changing his story He doesnt know that I know the truth, and that God is my witness.  
PARDON ME, for holding my opinion strong.
Blacks being killed like we have no Self worth or even meaning  But how can i expect the whites to respect us when we act so demeaning  Killing EACH OTHER like  that other person didnt have a reason to live 
I am a white girl I am privledged I need not fear if the police will kill me for walking down the street But even though I'm white I know that black lives matter When the news tells lies
Protect and Serve These are the words  Of the men who swore To potect us Not Kill and enslave And dreadfully maim The people around us   To keep the peace
How many children will end up as hashtags? How many will get shot? How many will die? How many before there is justice?   How many will be dehumanized? How many will hold guns
Guns, violence, fear, mistrust, No Justice What happen to eqaulity and safety  in  America We recite land of the free  while my fellow brothers are getting shot
People hurting people It happens every day It's a part of living Nothing more to do or say Well, it's up to us to change   Justice and injustice, Abuse and assault
If a black teen is murdered
 Innocent: not responsible for or directly involved in an event yet suffering its consequences.  
I can only imagine What it's like to be Watched. Feared. Seen as a threat. When I walk, When I drive, When I go to school. Never knowing
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