sh*t you can't ay to you teacher

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 I don't like using the website that never works.     Nothing happens when a sub is gone. You can treat us like we're 17, not 5.     Just because we're not paying attention doesn't mean we don't get it.
Hey teacher!
I hate everyone
We sit counting,  Developing ticks That  Twitch and match the Drone Of an endless day. While you sit Towering above our heads, Preaching from Black books the idea
Ring, ring, ring, the damn tardy bell rings. Sit in your seat or I’m marking you tardy. The words of my 9th grade English teacher still rings in my ear. The bells, the yells, all working on my last nerve. Who was she to tell me what I deserved.
Teach, Teach ME!We the students screamSpeeches mean nothing to usTeach us the knowledge We beg to be taught,Not lectured for an eternityEncourage us to learnAND STOP LECTURING US
Like every other day there she is again With her baggy eyes, and her cigarrette breath.  She begins lecture in her most monotone voice Giving sarcastic remarks to inquiring minds-
There are many things Important things we never Discussed in the schools   Math, science, English All are quite fantastic, yes What about the other things?   Things we didn't learn
I've lost all care So much indifference now I just want to be done i don't care why or how   You don't understand What this means to me This doesn't affect What I want to be  
You on your phone acting as if you dont care Write down whats in the book while you click like and share Call us dumb because we dont understand Tell us we gone end up working a hotdog stand  
It's all online, just read it in your textbook,
Everyday it goes like clockwork through school and back, just to do homework. And I sit in your class with each passing minute, Dreading each lecture where I must silently sit.
Normally, between techer and student, there is a wall A strained relationship, one absent in Mr. Young's AP Lit, Thus, there's not really much I can't say at all, But there is something between us, I'll admit
I sit at my desk I get ready, i'm definitely going to fail this test My heart pounds My head drips of sweat  I studied, or at least I tried I stared at that board and listened to most you said
In sex ed, we learned about STDsand pregnancyand abstinenceand "sexual assault" (and there is only one kind of rape)
Hypocrite! Do not lecture me to speak Spanish when you speak English the majority of the class period and make up your own Spanish words. This will not help me when I take the AP test.  
Sh*t You can’t say to your teachers Through a focus I see my future ahead of me, But I can’t reach my goals unless My teacher sees the possibilities in me. I am not a project of this society;
Alarm rings; get out of bed. and sort out all my daily tasks inside of my head.   A million things, and not enough hours in a day. Yet I'm sitting in this desk,
You take my money and you fail me with a  smile.  You praise my hard-work and you fail me with a smile.   You smile  at my  pain. You 
Dear teachers, Do not frown When some of your students are not honor bound There is something that needs to be inferred When it comes down to learning Students learn in a varying pace
Tick tock tick, the teacher drones on mindlessly about something you will never use and is irrelavent to your life. All they care about is that you pass the big test. They don't care if you actually learn something.
All it takes Is one leg extended into the way And I trip and fall.  All it takes Is one word, casually said without thought And I hold in tears. All it takes Is one threat made
Teachers ask you if you're okay Do they really care? No.   You're gone a couple of days You fail a test You look exhausted Do they really care?  No.  
Hand-cramping notes, Dragged on presentations, Pages of homework, Tests with typos, All for what? A grade? A mark? A label? I'm an A student, she's a C student, and he's a failure.
I came for an education, Hoping to show my appreciation For known and unknown creations, But now I’m faced with the frustration Of being stripped of my imagination And stuffed with meaningless information
you know what I hate? when teachers do that fake laugh it goes something like this: they tilt their head back open their mouth so wide that no rain within a 2-mile radius can escape
Kids are becoming thugs, don't you see them doing drugs? See them, smell them, almost taste it on your tongue.
I am but a boy As normal as a polka-dotted tree One may see me as odd Though there's nothing wrong with me   Yet if you ask some schools How to handle a boy such as I
You don't care Your a teacher ,an educator, you speak for the children
I simply don't understand Why teachers can steal teaching content from online Why teachers can take teaching content from McGraw Hill or Pearsons We aren't allowed to take pieces of content
These greatest years of our life and what do we take with us?
Sunshine floods her window, And seems to be, The only brightness in her day. It's all routine.
It’s the bell, the handles.
The sh*t you can't say to your teachers... Is the sh*t that you say in the bleachers. It has nothing to do with the teacher's lesson So pay attention when class is in session.
 I can't stand the thrum of them constantly flash flooding the room again with the sound of their dissappointments in the young generation  we are meant to simply fix the world with their inspiration 
Melancholy math is all I do,While I lie in bed thinking the hours through.Three to nine, thats eight hours right?Sleeping in the afternoon, not the night.Sleep deprived all of the time.
Excuse me, ma'm  but I would greatly appreciate it  if you could update my grades before the second coming.  I know. You have a life: Lots of Starbucks to show up late with
You call yourself teacher Yet, do you truly teach? You call yourself teacher Yet, do you do as you preach? You call yourself teacher Yet, I've learned nothing from you Not why the grass is green
i go to school for an education not for frustration not for confusion not for persuasion not to pressured into making bad decisions not to be yelled at by aggravated teachers  
When your teacher tells you your skirt is too short or your top is too low and you know that when you walk into math class, the reason your raised hand is getting ignored isn't 'cause you're stupid,
Shuffled through, mingled voices, cattle Not even a name, not even a face, only a body Not boys, not girls, not women, not men. Not even students. We are just a meager obstacle to the next paycheck  
I used to wear my heart on my sleeve, but they told me that it was against the dress code. The little numbers that indicated "good behavior" on my grade report made me shudder, nails in the coffin of a complacent existence.
Teacher teacher listen here  Today I have to share
They say those who cant do, teach. Well you are not exactly proving them wrong.You assume that because I'm the student and you're the teacher that I'm automatically at fault.
I wish I could tell my teachers no. Yeah, you read right, no. No, I don't care about the stupid coefficient of friction no, i dont care about at what angle a plane need be falling at in order to land
Teacher, teacher your curriculum is whack, you give me so many assignments I have panic attacks. Teacher, teacher you treat us like fools, you talk down to us like we’re in preschool.
Here's your assignment, wake up early, sleepy ass. Here's your assignment, figure this math out, stupid. Here's your assignment, write this essay, dummy. Here's your assignment, read this book, retard.
I can't keep doing this.   My mind is blurry.
Missus Teacher, I understand you have tenure You cannot get fired no matter what job you do You can sit at your desk all day As you do. You can hand out worksheets As you do.
I’m sitting there looking Your teaching I can’t keep up with your book keeping It’s confusing, but you keeping going
I can’t tell my teacher A whole lot of shit I think about it all day long and                I’d never say it   I can’t tell my teacher his class makes me feel safe
I walk into his room, notes from class unerased on the white board, and Mr. Frits still sitting at his desk. I hesistate for a second...standing in the doorway, But then he lifts his head and notices me,
I find myself watching the class, As a spectator looking from the outside I see so many hurting people, everywhere   The girl full of sass,  Is really dying inside
Insatiably stalked by haunting perceptions Mental insecurities cause collections of indiscretions Bleak emotions are psychological assassins
You look at us. You know our names, But you don't know who we are. We're more than assigned seats and late papers. We're hopes, and dreams, and wishes on a star.
Eligibility to do something Means you have the credentials, right? All the right things for something
Is it really necessary for a school to make it a rule for students to learn advanced classes While everyone speeds on by in the class I'm one of the few who just hopes he passes  
Kindergarten came and went, luckly my transcripts were just sent. The teachers bashed and yelled  for us to learn but really at the end all my papers were burned. Some mean and some strange 
Yes you do a lot for us But do you really care that much? To help your students find their way Assist them with their future days? Teachers, counselors, principals too Will you help us with our future? 
Your glare matches those of the evilest sinners convincing us, we'll never be winners. Disregarding our souls desires, building an electric fence of tangled wires. So tell me?
Cookie cutter classrooms with egg shell wallsMonotone voices echo in the hallsChalkboards are gone, replaced by projectorsShunned like the math club’s pocket protectors
You’ve been through school So why don’t you see? A plethora of your students Have been bullied many times previously?   What about the kid in the back row Who is always so quiet?
I want an A in this class (before registeration) Im going to earn an A (first day of the semester) Im going to get an A (during midterms) I deserve an A (check grades after finals B)
Say hello to Student #24876
I have other classes besides yours Oh And band Key Club Student Council Choir Track And a job You want this project turned in tomorrow? Let's see if it fits in my schedule
I step in the room and your at my throatIt's only your's I want to chokeI'm stressed out but I don't shoutI go straight to my seat and not pout
I cannot write an essay about myself, and this is why I do not find myself that interesting, And I certainly don’t have the time I cannot write about my accomplishments My many nonexistent prizes and awards
I don't understand
You think you are so powerful teaching at a school, but in reality it just makes you look like a fool. Telling kids what to do left and right, how about you just take a hike.
Dear Mrs. Wonderful,   I would jut like to say, Thank You. Thank you for listening. Thank you for teaching me.   You saw things no one else saw. You didn't ignore them.
I can say that I'm struggling. That everyday is a challenge to get out of bed To face a world that is so dead set against students.
Roses are red, Violets are purple The teacher does nothing when i get a "purple nurple" I scream, i cry, The teacher ignores me with a deep, long sigh And, yet when i try to tell her The things he did
There are few phrases that kids cannot speak. We all know the new slang and new hip terms, but we don't know "help." and "can you explain". Those are our forbidden phrases.
I didn't ask to be different. Didn't ask to be this way Some people find me brillant Others shove me away   I didn't ask to be "abnormal" To have my mind work like it does
I was told a mind is a bad thing to waste. Yet of those minds why must the blocking of teacher salary be minimum to the ever so clever oil driller or rather dead lined jobs?
Teachers we want your attention, We want no busy work in class, We want inspiring lectures,  and clear instructions like glass,   We need more answers, answers to our questions,
  Its only 12 years, They try to bend your thoughts and fears.   From day one with crayons and glue, To graduation day saying adieu.   Just trying to get me through,
  Dear Teacher I am listening   I can hear all that you say   And when I put my head down   Dreams don't whisk me away   I'm still here in this classroom  
Ms. Walker, why must you lecture the whole entire class for one student’s wrongdoings? Why must you badger the whole entire class with that particular instance?
I MUST BE IN THE WRONG CLASS BECAUSE, This wont help me, I want to study audio and most of my core classes wont help me to become wealthy, Four years of math?
We all sit in a desk Whether we want to or not, Learning things that you think we 'ought To know. But are we really learning? Studying and memorizing things. I know why the caged bird sings.
Dear Professor, Dear Instructor, Dear Educator,   You say each day, With your sinking skin, your greying hair, That life’s not fair As if we young, jaded souls Had no idea  -  
Teachers need to learn how to change
Students are eager; Some learn, but did you teach us? Perhaps the well is dry.  
i am not a single letter. i am not a number. so why do you assign me these things that constitue my "success"? i am more than one letter in a report card. i am more than a number in the class rank.
Classes are divided into three kinds of student There's the group that causes trouble, that's their only intent
You look on at the cataclysmic phenomena we call "bullying" And your eyes see nothing, blind to the quips He shoots at His known inferior. He is almighty, His omnipotence hypnotizing even you,
He cannot teach math but he expects us to learnHe makes lame jokes, and pretend we all having funWhen I need help, he tells me "go look it up, son"Are my parents' tax money paying for none?
I find myself looking at the clock every 5 minutes. Somehow, the amount that I've learned doesn't match the time that's passed. Maybe the clock is broken... Or maybe the curiculum is broken...
They act like I have no life, and the only thing important is to learn what they teach, When there is a weekend they add more homework to my life sucking away my time like a leech,
The things you teach you've been taught yourself. You pass down knowledge hoping more will be added to it. But have you ever let us teach you? Have you ever listened too what we had too say?
Motivation is lost Carelessness is found Education isn't seen as a merry-go-round to my students and my teachers. What is fun in a classroom?
I didn't sign up for these seven hour days All my time spent in school - none left to play. Looking around the small cluttered room at the thirty four kids crammed into this tomb. I didn't sign up for this.
  I stare at the teacher’s desk as I walk in class one cold winter morning Messy desk it was, full of files and ungraded papers with no teacher attending it
Tick Tock Tick               Tock The seconds drag by Are you still talking? Tick Tock Tick              Tock God I want to leave But I'm glued to the chair
There's two sides to everyone student.
We are not clay That you have to mold Into a shape you desire No, we are more like flowers That need love and care Guided by a hand  So we can grow on our own
Teachers always say that they are people, too. Then, how about you act like people. By the way, you should also shower now and then.   Teachers say they’re always available for extra help.
You give us too much homework
We have dreams and aspirations, you guys are just here to get us to those places. Success is the main key, but how are we suppose to reach success without honesty?
The questions are strong Our life seems long For who do you teach As we learn with little breach   We debate on meaning The arguements never leaning Time slowly ticking past
Dear, dear teacher What do you have against Youtube? It can't be the educational tutorials or comedy videos or movie clips So I guess it must be the comments
I am a human being Although young and, yes, possibly naive I breath and feel and cry just like you   I give in to peer pressure I put way too much on my plate but I dont eat half of it
Thanks. Thanks for your help Thanks for your support  Thanks for the biased grades  Thanks for laughing at kids harsh jokes Thanks for not seeing the things done by your faves  Thanks for being there
There are some things that I wish I could tell you, but as my teacher, I don't really want to tell you. I wish I could tell you about my depression.
Pride is a disease that sows the mouth shut and makes the throat dry. It's the key that locks away my feelings and hides my sadness .   A simple Plea can't escape Pride's clutches
If only, if only. Textbooks sat on dusty shelves, While students went out and did things for themselves. Cell phones rang unanswered, And desks lay unused.
Everyday is the same when I walk in and out students always talking and laughing out loud 
A,B,C,D,F.Funny how vn th systm who grads us on it gts it wrong isn’t it?Things larnd in an hour must b prfct th night of.A ranking in th “ral world” droppd in an instant for lack of rcognition of concpt.
You claim we did not read  Macbeth. Your facts? Our failing test scores. When the class average is  forty six, It becomes obvious that if everyone failed there is something wrong.
Honestly I've never had any problems with a teacher, but that's just me. Maybe it's because I take all AP and IB classes. Maybe it's because I'm not rude to the teachers. Maybe it's because I actually do my work,
I sit here and stare as the clock strikes ten after, Head banging from all the laughter, Whack! A pencil hits me on the arm, “Oh, I’m sorry”, you don’t react to my alarm, You sit there at your desk,
Here are all the words I’ve been meaning to say Smashed and crushed Torn away   You should see what happens When you walk away Desks pushed side to side
We're The Leaders of tomorrow, the learners of today . So we're obligated to sit in class and listen to what you say? It's the same Ol' routine, This Dull learning scheme . 
I raise my hand Because I have a question I call your name Because I don’t understand I want you to listen Because I don’t know it all Even though I’m leaving next fall I need now to stand tall
It’s frozen over outsideand inside isn’t much better. Warm brown eyes have hardened like leather. You used to sit beside me and speak,nowadays you just face me and teach.
Evolution of knowledge We started as cavemen, but soon evolved, To change the world and all we saw. We taught one another what we knew, and collectively all started anew.
Who's to blame?We're all just so different,we take it for granted that we're right;point the fingers at anyone elseand mock the system.Just consider this:maybe we have our own way
I won't do it anymore I'm getting off the floor, it's comfy but it's not for me This work is tedious. I'm getting a grade for home room?  That's fastidious. I'm incredulous 
Not everyone learns the same way, You can't say the same things every single day. So please, get your facts straight, Before you start to babble and prate.    Grades are earned,
I sit here with my rear on a cold hard seat that matches my cold hard attitude. The book that is in front of me is open to a page that once again reviews the pythagorean theorem that
  Be not afraid of stepping on other’s toes. There is no shame in speaking one’s own mind. Where the heart lies, the mouth often follows. Be wary of using terms that are not found kind.
Who are you? Are you the one I seek guidance from, Or the one who depresses me? What is your name? Can it be the angelic symbol I follow, Or the projects that surround me? Ignorarnce.
there are things i would like to say to a teacher that i just cant say. there are words i would like to label them with that i just cant say. there are things that i can do better than a teacher that i just cant say.
He turns the doorknob as the bell rings. “You’re late” greets him with rolling eyes. He takes his seat as his teacher explains the agenda for the day.
This is the fourth poem I’ve ever written in pencil.
Everyone is a number. You are given a grade, a percent, and a level. Who you are does not matter because in the classroom, a number is all that defines you Are you 100? Or are you 50?
You see that kid sitting there, front row, center seat, tears streaming down their cheek. Tears that burn another scar into there wrist at night while they try to focus on the homework assigned for the night.
You want us to get a good education, but when we ask you a question you don’t want to even take time out your day to have damn conversation. Number one you walk in every day late
I am not a number, I will not conform to a game. I am not a test,  I will not feel the shame. I will make you know my name.    You aren't my friend You haven't even tried. 
"Hold your tongue. Class has Begun. Pull out a sheet of paper and a pen. Do not talk again. Listen closely class-" Hey professor, stop being an a**." "Don't use that tone.
I was taught not to think but to say, Say what I mean and think about what I say. To take words from a page and recite, recite, recite, But are these words even mine to explain? They hammer words down our throat,
Sit down and listen teachers. You have much to learn. Because there’s still a lot you do not know. About dealing with kids and helping them progress. But fear not, because the light, to you, I will show.  
Dear teachers, Don't mistake this poem as something that doesn't need to be heard. It does. Let me guess as long as it's the answer to your math problem then our voice matters.
  I know all the things that I don’t need to know I want to know how to live My life on my own How to do my laundry How to iron my clothes I think these are things I should probably know
This has been  years comin’ I’m not holdin back. What youre saying is wrong, and that’s a fact. Not supposed to be preachin, Supposed to be teachin Now ima tell you whats wrong in ya speech, man.  
Dear “teacher” 146. You know, I’m more than just student 999006901 I’m more than a test score, I’m more than just a number, I’m more than just a stat, more than a body, more than a brain,
As I sit in your class I have many thoughts that I think From who the hell cares To who taught you to teach?!
It's 1:07 p.m., Wednseday, November 6th, 2013 And I haven't slept in days.  Why am I taking notes on the cognitive mind, The neurons, The somas,  The unconscious, The subconscious,
All I can do is sit in class As I start to doze off in AP Gov There is no way I'll retain this Past the AP Exam How is this doing your job?   C'mon, come over here Wake me up
     It takes time to learn, to soak in all the things for the money you someday want to earn.  Everyone is different and learns at their own pace, but you teach so fast no one can win the race.
I've got a question foryou teacher, what happensif it's not a girl and boy?How am I supposed to love someoneand be safe with someone ifthey don't fit into those boxes?How am I supposed to protect
The second bell has rung so I begin to take my seat. My hands drip sweat. My stomach turns. My heart quickens it’s beat. I’ve dreaded the fruition of the moment now so nigh
  Out in the open, I'm bright as can be. I chirp like a bird, and buzz like a bee. But when I’m all alone, I’m wasting away. I’m sad and depressed, and dreading the day.
After years of being taught as a child, After writing enough essays to line up for a mile, After learning the purpose of all the buttons on a calculator, After learning to draw and then graph an alligator,
    Wake up in the morning After hitting snooze Hear my sister yelling We're running late again! I rush to get ready Don't have time to brush my hair Skip breakfast
We talk about bullying, blame it on the kids blame it on the parents. But there is one party  who doesn't get  their share of the blame. Teachers. They can help or hurt. Their words leave
I walk into class expecting to learn, but teachers now adays care more about their earn. Greeted by an unwelcoming stare, there must be something in my teeth, or maybe something in my hair?
I can't believe You judge my worth based on the number of bubbles I got right.  You slap my face with test after test,  but what have I really learned? I have learned nothing except to hate learning
We have one tutor, for a class of kids. How do you expect me, to learn like this?   One tutor to do all of this? You hardly even make it down your list.   I like you a lot
There was a time, a time I lied A time when no one cared that I cried To some it was because they didn’t know
Racial bashing our own kind Harsh words from a cold heart "Its 2013" teachers say "Bullying doesn't happen, Race issues do not occur." But what the teachers don't see,
I am a teenager, but I'm different. Instead of being selfish, I take care of my disabled brother everyday.  Instead of disobeying my parents, I show them my love and respect.
Don't let me, don't let me, oh please, teacher, don't let me fake that smile. Teacher, that girl was bullying me,  you knew, so please stop her.  Teacher, let me learn, 
Why do we have to go to school when all we get is judged? Why we gotta play by all the rules when teachers really don't give a fuck. All they care about is their day to day paychecks and never our education so why are we here?
They say things like But you're so intelligent. There is a whole world of possibilities.  You just need a degree. But we are taking over soon And we can change things But instead of teaching us
Recently, our tuition has hit an argument Are we sensitive or abusive? Yes.   Is what they say true? Does that honesty sting you? Bring up negative things? Or  
We have one tutor, for a class of kids. How do you expect me, to learn like this?   One tutor to do all of this? You hardly even make it down your list.   I like you a lot
"President Kennedy..." The words get lost in translation.  Every day is the same thing:  Come in, go over a Keynote,  Watch a movie, do a packet.  Take a test, work towards the State Test. 
Notes. Homework. Test. Grade. It's a neverending weekly cycle. Every subject is the same, Every class has the same agenda. Iron. Change. Work. Drive. It's a neverending daily cycle.
How are you doing? Are you ok? Is the something wrong? These are the things I am asked everyday. I get alright grades, I do my work, I am not a bad kid, I'm just... alone.
I am just a student, Or an I? No- I an more than a student I have thoughts and opinions Math problems and riddles Do not get me a college tuition You think you're so smart
Do my ears deceive me, or is that the startling sound of the tardy bell? Slipping into class like a slippery snake, but I catch the teacher’s eye. Damn it to hell!! Ms. Brown do you know you are late to class.
I stare at these blank dirt encrusted walls,Learning more from them than I learned from you.You stare at me with your judgmental eyes,I stare at the wall and see what my future holds.The wall is blank.You don't teach me but I ensure I can teach yo
I walk in to class. Crap. I forgot my pencil. Teacher,  May I borrow one? NO.  HOW DARE YOU COME UNPREPARED  TO MY CLASS.  Wow.  I just forgot a pencil.  Crap.
Recently, our tuition has hit an argument Are we sensitive or abusive? Yes.   Is what they say true? Does that honesty sting you? Bring up negative things? Or  
I Am so Done with all  The bullshit I do. I can literally feel my Imagination disappearing as my brain
I want to succeed. But I can't do it alone. Do your job, and teach.
When will they learn? When book lessons are abolished? When the sun is covered on the solstice? Motivation is love and understanding A worksheet is our uniqueness fluttering. Away and Away.
As I swim through the sea of information, I lay eyes on a nation. One lead by education. Where the classroom represents the battlefield the wars that are fought here are real. Open up your mind and swallow your books.
Education is importantRight from when an infant Education is not about collegeIt entails a wider range of knowledge Education is greatIt creates and decides upon ones fateNever leave it too late
I don't learn as fastAs you would like to believeGoodness, just slow down.
My history teacher says, " I don't need to know math" My math teacher says, "I don't need to know history" So I sit and ponder Why do I bother? 
You think you know who I am, What I am capable of? You don't know the start. My life isn't a vase of roses Not a white cloud drifting by forming your own image I am myself, and you can't change me
Synthesizin' a disquisition on strife and commonality, thinkin', "bet this prof only cares about his salary", 50 grand for tuition, the man don't mind reminding me Oh it's okay you say? FAFSA got me?
Prepare me for the real world, what comes next How can you show me that through your texts, The tests, and the best part is Twenty-one years old, I haven't learned that lesson Stuck in a classroom since I was five
You are the reason my day starts off bad, You dont care about me or my grades.  You care more about your looks I wish to add, You look like an leather jacket im sorry to say. 
Drip, drip, drip, like a faucet leaking slow, running through my mind, like a rabbit in the snow.   Click, click, click,  as she types on her keyboard. That sound will drive me crazy,
The little boy raises his hand yet is often ignored The little girl doesn't understand but is brushed off for "not paying attention" Getting in trouble for asking questions
 Teachers, Our gateway to success. The helping hands in school. The ones who "believe" in us students to be leaders in our world. Teachers, teachers. You have your days, when sometimes I wish you'd just go away.
I sit in the front row as you lecture away. From section to section, Your intention is to teach the entire chapter. Everyone sits silently. You've made a mistake and no one speaks up. Eventually,
I wont get it I wont get it I wont get it Plan to make it, I will make it, Aim for first, never second. No is not not an answer, Yes is the better lesson. Knowledge is what my life is missing.
I want you to listen As often as you teach. I want you to practice All the lessons that you preach. I want you to see me As more than just some grade. I'm not ready for my future,
Shhhhh Have respect for those who want to work Independently, this is your project not an "our" project. Think before you speak so I won't reject what you say.
Heroes don't need superpowers Heroes are those who inspire Classrooms lack heroes Someone to spark flames minds Someone who doesn't leave behind Classrooms lack heroes Those who believe in the failure
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