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I saw upon yonder, a tree standing alone,Upon a hill, so stony and cold.I wandered that hill up to the tree,And to my surprise, the tree said to me,
Divorce is a sinking ship.  The sea parts with crashing waves.  A tsunami of destruction that floods over every part of your life.  Dad..  You left me drowning. 
I could see her face Deep in the storm clouds Smiling at me Saying “Come here,” but how?   I got the crew to safety  Told them to go to their wives But I couldn’t go
Wayward students bobbing aimlessly Wanderers, idle, unfocused, undisciplined “heads up keels down; keep your bearing” Vigilant and watchful - ever watchful
Across the vast blue ocean, Rising out of the rainbow reef, Lies a solitary Island. Its tree-crested mountains, And river-carved valleys,
Free and flowing,It glides along the banks,On a journey of it’s own Sometimes rushing,At other times calm and glassy.
A thick fog prevents sight This ship is at the hands of God Out of hopelessness there's no flight The vessel was crafted flawed  
A miraculous adventure was coming for me Although the fields of roses were still as the night I felt that shake that brought me to my knees And once i opened my eyes, what i saw was pure fright
Purging concerns and shadowed secrets, Spilling tears and spitting hate. Catharsis is a spinning storm Where you release the weight.   The storm comes back again, As night claims the horizon,
My life, is a ship lost at sea, with the wind raging and waves tossed up at me. On a course unset, with the sun set beautifully. That light in the distance is my little fix that I use to see.
Your voice says come closer. I hear only danger. I look at your beautiful face. You look like a stranger. Space is expanding, but my space ship is landing.
A shot fired across the decka weakened hull. A turning tide.Well, all our anchors hang on chainsand dangle off our changing minds.
Do you hate the way     that our magnetized timesturn us all to metal shavings--     push and pull--charged eachday to fill up negative spacewith negative attraction?Were you repulsed when polarities
Used to the constant gunfire since you first set sail,  This time is different. This time their cannons have crashed too deep. Slam the galley doors as water floods from the ducts, Choking out your cries.
The ship is sinking. There is a hole in the bottom of the stern. The women scream and clutch their children with fright While the men run around, struggling to maintain control.
Awake as an owl a desert bird the orange eyes the streetlamps cast upon my wall a shadow like a longship on the desolate wasted oceans or only my lampshade
The ship sat anchored to the shore The captain, skipper, and crew working at her core Sails being raised and decks being scrubbed
A flicker floats upon a crystal sea. The chilly clear white-caps Damask a dance of cold intricity- Beneath the wind that flaps,
It was an old airship Old and abandoned But there was a story behind it, if you looked hard enough that it. It's railings marred by swords and gunfire It's propellers rusted by rain It's sail full of holes
Let us sail. Off with our boat and two thick oars, off away from the plain and overused shores. Let us paddle till our arms tire, and enjoy as our laughter gets higher and higher.
People love to tell you that “You are the captain of your own soul!” What they neglect to tell you Is that they are at the helm And should you hit an iceberg It is you who must go down with the ship.
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