Shakespearean Sonnet

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There's no worst enemy for an artist, than one's lack of abillity to do!  Waiting for one's muse is not the smartest. Sometimes, inspiration is a hard chew.   You must light the fire of passion yourself! 
Because  your voice is like a river’s stream Each time you speak, your words are made for me. Content is how I feel because they seem
Tides of yellow, green envy envolpe the queenLooking upon the sweet snow white made her soHer blood lust seeped in every sharp glance the servants gleanedThense the Huntsman jouneyed, Snow White in tow
“The castle is a prison”, she once mused, “For ones as foolish as myself”, thought she, The peasants might be famished and abused “But royal courts are not suited for me”
Hatred feels nice when no one’s there to love And the blisters of apathy fester. Hatred feels nice when peace is gone, no dove And nobody’s there to be the jester.
Thy wretched wife mistook the matter so,For love can comment upon every woe.And being low never relieved by any.For misery is trodden on by many,  
This whole year is all a giant blur to me. Ask me about specific happenings, And I'll recount them to you faithfully. While not all bad, 'Sixteen was saddening.   I lose my first grandparent April past,
I growl at the inferior reptile With his beautiful bright scales, he taunts me. In a flash, he's gone. I wait there a while. I'm sick of my cave! I need to be freed!
Flowers are growing down my straightened spine They wrap right around every vertebrae And make me feel like I will be just fine Even on the most horrible of days
The cold bite of the wind from the due east, overwhelming even the toughest man. A white wall of frost, a forbidding beast, to overcome this wall one needs a plan. This winter beast, although, cannot be tamed.
to whom this may concern: i am now free i do not wish to sing thee barren praise nor have it fall on eyes that cannot see
The waves, the ocean crash against the wall, They bring back what was lost and washed away.
My game is mirth and joy; it also kils. Alas, the spheroid shape which conquered school Controls me too; I know its power wills Us: "Get the ball within the hoop! Be cool!
Shining, bright goddess miles away from me. Close to the stars, sparkling in the night sky. Beautiful where only my eyes can see.   Her glow in the dark, and makes me believe
My love for you is like a river It flows and flows. When you whisper in my ear, I shiver. My love just grows and grows.   When you're holding me, In my eyes you look. My great love you can see,
To one who darest contend mortal fate Woe are my grev’ous sins before the fire The screams of my vexed soul doth not abate Leaving me forever trapped in the mire  
Fare thee well, my heart, which I have sundered Ripped from my own chest, ne'er to pain again Oh how it agonized and it thundered When thou left my side and thus followed: rain.
Neither love nor detest makes difference. Each sprung from the heart, the soul and withers. When time and space is no interference, Emotions die not when not together.  
We rush around, so ever do we rush about. Always running, is every walk of life, We do scurry and race by our every road and route. Tis' the work of life never to walk in life.
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