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They're those who are screeming to be heard  And many even dreaming to no longer be abhorred  Wishing if only someone would stop or pause, to eventually understand them
They're those who are screeming to be heard  And many even dreaming to no longer be abhorred  Wishing if only someone would stop or pause, to eventually understand them
someone scream when the night falls for me in the West and for you In The East at the moment we both blink   for when we rush  through our safe doors and plunge into stardust
Only when a lion is poked and prodded does it turn and roar. Only when a whisper is spat on and silenced does it turn into a scream. Only when a life is faced with death does it become meaningful.
I want to scream till my voice is hoarse. Yell to the sky till my throat is dry.
Do you ever just want to scream? You don’t care where you are at the moment You just want to let your voice out Scream at the top of your lungs Cry until your body is exhausted Hit the ground And punch
No one will see your sadness. Even if your insides  Are bleeding violently And screaming Their loudest scream, No one will notice.  Not because they dont care to, But because souls are
Inside me is a  boiling brass kettle screaming on a hot stove.  As if a frantic teapot Could be contained  without spilling over.  As if the shrill cry of a  steaming pot bawling 
I am a girl. I am a woman. My sex is girl. I am powerful. I am worthy. In this man made world, I am sturdy. I will not let you look at me any less than you look at yourself. I am amazing. I will NOT LET YOU BELITTLE
Chained to the ground, accept it Live it Chin to your chest Tears stream down your face You count your days till emancipation   Hope in your heart, deny it Escape it Head up high eyes to the sky Chains rattle as you struggle You count your days ti
The glossy magazine In the library  Is screaming.   Cheekbones! Makeup! Perfection! Pretension!   Be fake! Be beautiful! Be loved! Be sexy!  
Close your eyes, Breathe in deep, Shut out the world, Listen to the beat. Earbuds in and volume up, I lean back and listen. Slow down my heart beat, Expand my constricted lungs,
Yes I've figured it out, Yes I've worked hard, But it would seem that only I am proud, Of my ability to say RAWR!!!!! I scream from the pits, The emotions in my heart. I scream so I won't fall apart.
"Your smile was      fading                               Changing                              Rearranging  Its not the same As it used to be Cause you don't feel free I can hear your screams
I am writing poetry about my feelings at school I do not express them openly because I am cool I go to school to learn and read cool books I pretend not to cry cuz it messes up my looks
She sings a song so soft and sweet But it's filled with such sadness It makes you want to cry This song lets you feel her pain And you want to scream   How can this be fair you wonder
Perfection is a malady, it only serves to maim The wrinkled edges of my insanity, only myself and the world to blame. 'What a shame' was my worst fear, Lurking behind the swallowed tears
Smile, Laugh, Go Crazy You can cry when you get home Stop Talking, No ones listening You have no where to go
I see you. I hear your words. I feel your tears as they fall, forbidden from your eyes.   Oh how your sadness consumes you. Outside lies the false imagery of peace.
SCREEAM!!!!! Louder! And Louder! And Louder! Short bursts. Or long, tedious draws that leave you breathless.... Scream until your heart implodes-your heart explodes and you just feel
A young man climbs From a crowd below Up a steep metal ladder Through the blistering snow.   To see the view And the wonders in store. As for the building
One day I'm going to open my mouth. And I'll scream. And I don't think I'll be able to stop. 
Scream and Shout Let it all out The time is near With no need to fear Graduation is here Soscream and shout and let it all out!  
I could never grasp
Screaming lyrics till I’m hoarse, Till my throat bleeds, then I’ll have satisfaction, Music- I sway, dance, sing, I scream with it. Take each carefully planned note like a last sweet and sour breath.
Teachers yell and scream students trying the chase their dreams noone by their side kids asking why   Teachers don't undestand why no work is getting done all you hear is blame  
There's a place that you can go, a state of mind. Where you scrape the ultimate supreme, marking ink in the lobes of you brain.   Spun by emotion and directed by Hope,
Screaming at the top of your lungsBlasting the speakers all the way upEvery emotion in every songIt's impossible to get enoughMelodies of understandingLyrics sing the truthMusic filled with feeling
Your panting, screaming, something’s coming, but you cannot tell what, You run into a new room, and make sure the door is shut. You think of what could be chasing, hidden from afar,
I think I saw a robbery today.A man just fiddling with the door.He looked at me watching,I know he saw. He looked me in the eyesI just stood there frozenI knew what he was thinking.I was going to die.
Poetry is a heartfelt thing coming up as a promise ring  Getting goose bumps when you sing, but when you sit down letting the world be blank You realize everything as it is
  Sometimes nothing holds me together, The bond is ruined straight from the seam. I look around and reach through forever,
I'm here in class Last one in the back No one else can realize That I have a voice that cannot be denied You say that you don't hear me But really your just not listening
When it senses my essence feel the cold presence Shiver from the sent chills down my spine it slowly invades my mind Silently scream within this dream life fades away it seems Wish I wasn't here
People expect me to be strong. Like the man with the long salt-and-pepper beard in his tan Volvo making his way across a bridge. He expects it to be sturdy, to take his weight, to avoid collapsing under all the pressure.
I just want to scream until my lungs give way Exploding with the stress I have tucked away No fight left in me, the spark fizzled out I'd give any possession to escape this route My sense of purpose lost
Do you hear me? Silently screaming. Calm on the outside. Screaming rage on the inside. Do you see me? Turmoil clear in my eyes. Quiet on the outside. Losing my mind.
You see yourself as low compared to average you’re below Weird is where you fit life seems like a glitch You are fading far away do not know if you can stay Perfection is way out of reach just a dream by a sandy beach
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