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New world, new faces, new things to see, All over are people, people like me. "No, they're different," I hear from above. "Like these two men here, they don't know love.
Her eyes... brown, wide, full of unspoken words Her laugh... dull, empty, full of hurt And him, his oceans are overflowing His heart exploding with a happiness so great
Live in the present not in the past, don't be concerned with the things that you never had.
As every family member dies I will always remember the fire from their eyes
I'm sitting in the back. You might not realize, but I'm alive. You think I can't see the glances you shoot my way. Like I'm scary. Like I'm a freak. I'm shy, but you know that. Or do you?
shifting on an unraveling wire frayed and exposed lightning rope the Rubber Souls  we've been provided wearing thin   Hesitation   fidget and gingerly tread a Tired thread:
This is my body, this is my hair. You may be the new principle, but I don't care. You're an awful person, and I can't stand you. I will NEVER wear a school uniform, I will stay true.
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