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You, It's been you since the very first day,Those hazel eyes like the alps beneath the bewitching sunset,Stars, embedded like diamonds in the sky, like your soul embedded in mineTogether we enkindle hurricanes, But I boon my rainbow in your arms A
2 minutes, and I'll see you. I'm looking forward to it. We haven't spoken in a while. I hope you still think kindly of me.2 minutes, and the wind rushes by me. It signals your arrival. I barely recognize you walking toward me.
To scream, I could only wish my mouth, forever silenced by duct tape and lead, remains a barrier between myself and the world between my heart and my head.  
They are imbued in doubt  and therefore can never be certain Their hearts long in the past and therefore cannot embrace the present   Their fears are caged inside  and therefore will never be free
I never feel rushed Or pushed
i have never been completly satisfied
Unwrapping that present New, shiny, and unburdened. Looking forward to that new gift All day All night. But soon, weeks pass Dust layers By layers. Shine dulls And dulls.
The cool summer rain Falls in soft sheets Enough for umbrellas, but not for raincoats; Enough for me, enough for peace.
It'd be difficult to see the emptiness within an exterior of sunshine. A never ending battle between the person I am and the person they want me to be. The loneliness I feel even in the most crowded places.
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