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Her bare back moves with each breath as she sleeps into the late morning. A tattoo on her shoulder peers over the covers, as her glasses sit on the table adjacent to the bed. I want to take in all of her-
  I stand barren until very late spring in a yard of evergreens and hundred-year oaks young and a stick figure, not enough rings under my bark.  
I've never been in love and I don't want to start now. And in honest when the thought crossed my mind I thought of you. Yet you thought of her, and I could never keep up with someone like her. 
With the slight touch of my fingers on the delicate surface of your skin Your eyes will shine and your mouth will let sweet laughs escape And when our lips meet Fire will spark where the cold once was
It'll all change, written on a different page but there is no going back Love was the lack, my soul as dark as black, i lied i cheated ill do the opposite of my mistakes
Whisper in my ears “I love you” For it is an act of my ecstasy Those words I live for daily The love we shared eternally   Whisper in my ears “I love you” For it etched a tattoo in my soul
Sometimes I wish you had more passion. Sometimes I wish your desire would take control. Sometimes I wish you'd just let it all go. Sometimes I wish you were different...
The way your handscaress my waistmakes my heartbegin to race.The touch of your lips,so soft and smooth,makes me neverwant to move.The sound of your voice,so gentle and sweet,
it's 4am and im not feeling sleepy at all it keeps me wide awake, worrying the silly little details that will not matter when i look back New Years was only a couple days ago and im starting a new life
I love action movies and I hate chick flicks. I'll take a beer over a cocktail any day. I hate pop music but I like everything else. I'll love you no matter what my friends say.
If I had an angel,  it would be you. You fly to me when I need your rescue. The sky was brightly blue and on your wings you flew. I’m not very sure how you knew
Trying to find the words to say. I think about you everyday. The words don't seem to come out right, baby you're my kryptonite.
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