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The grit of sand slides rough across the ground beneath his boots. He is a real talk stand tall sturdy built man and he's got nothing left to lose.
Ever been to the beach and stuck your toes in the sand? Did you find it's squishy ness grand? Did you run in the water and find out it's cold? Bet you didn't know there are more sights to behold
Splashing waters that trecend through the sky Who knows what may happen. we might die As reality comes and as i close my eyes I wonder, who will be the one left by my side?
Hide your kids hide your wives It's not a joke they're really shooting The teachers are unprepared and all the parents are beyond scared Someone unarm him or kill him I don't care
Ricochet waters Dark, powerful, hungry and Plenty mighty gusts.  
You took my home - now where shall I roam? Nowhere to lay, nowhere to play because this nasty gal took it all away. It's not just me, how could it be? I look around, there's no homes to see!
When in October, the showers did fall The fierce winds piercing, they had destroyed all A roaring monster, an ominous beast
"Hurricane warning", they say. Like hundreds of previous summer days. Evacuation madatory, but many think to stay. The water rises up.. well maybe we should leave. The shore is demolished by Halloween Eve.
Superstorm Sandy took away my home.  She didn't take away the walls or the floorboards,  and my bed hasn't moved at all. But She took away our light, for all of seven solid nights.
Oh, Sandy...why? You took away 285 lives, My father's business too, Leaving us in the dark, Not knowing what to do, We didn't have heat, Listening to the radio we were glued to our seat,
Such little hands With little fingers Such small feet With little toes Sandy loves to play outside Sandy loves to sing as loud as she can Sandy loves to love things She loves pink and dresses
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