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i’ve never lost a tooth. i've always been too careful, i think. i am tired of skateboarding helmets and mouthguards. and i am tired of being protected from heartache.
Riding the waves from side to side Chasing a glorious dream of mineWith the plans of heading north as I flicker to the WestI know that life is a test Impaired but still going Broken but willing, I must keep my oars rowing The long passage forge my
With each heavy breath, the world slows down around me With each number added to the board, the fire inside burns higher With every footstep, my legs turn into wheels on a downward slope
Rugby is an art.
You might not know what the pitch is. In fact, no one knows until you get there. Rugby practice number one, what are you even doing ? In fact, no one knows until you start.
I play the game of pain of bruises and wounds Anger will be released Tears will be shed You’ll be left with battle scars Little symbols to show you’re hearts in the game
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