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She is a firefighter.    Putting her life before others.  Putting my life before others. Others don't understand.  Understanding can be difficult when they are apprehensive. 
i have a friend who flew with the times and plummeted to the ground as his pocketful of rhymes sunk and spat and became one with the earth-- the ground upon which we dream still engraved with his words
Is there anything out there for me? in a world of billions, what does it take to do something useful? to do something great?    i barely even know who i am or who i could be.
Gaze at the sky I am grounded I cannot fly Then I am astounded It is a bird It is a plane My focus undeterred From what does not touch terrain I follow the trail
She's like a rose that grew out of the concrete. My light in a world of confusion. When she opens her mouth to share her knowledge, Its the greatest gift. I liisten, I take in, I keep what she says forever.
M  ountains of work, bills, burden-- the family must be fed. A  nd a young man's dreams? N  o.   they don't exist.   W  orried silver threads O  ver the sink, bubbles sliding on wrinkles
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