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Shafts of light shatter the morning skyBeyond the horizon, black clouds loom    Juxtaposed seriously  The effervescence of dew shines underfootThe mellifluous patter of feet    Working harmoniously 
Once upon a time In a land of song and rhyme Was a girl named Little Red With a hood upon her head Who traveled through the wood Carrying all the cookies that she could To Grandma’s comfy home
Punk music blasting through the speakers. Warm summer air blowing through every strand of my hair. 
"Riding free  Forever young Feel the wind Rip through my lungs The pounding sound against my ears Helps to wipe away the tears All the memories of the saddle  Help me through those weary battles
The Dance Written by: Stephanie Garcia   When I ride my horse in the mid-summer mornings, we dance.   The drums pound and two hearts beat as one working in rhythm and cadence.
A million times I’ve told you before Not to travel alone at dark It’s impossible to even the score For there’s a beast within the park It’s eating the livestock It’s eating your kin
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