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"I Think..."  I think creativity should be Something we’re not afraid of  I think we should hide from The thing under the bed
The end. So many of us fear it. Being forgotten, being gone- just not being anymore.   But if these first 100 days have told me anything, If I'm learning from my mistakes,
Surely there’s more to life than this Surely there’s more to life than to grow up, to wake up only to feel the need to resist I hear the constant string of yelling, I hear the crowds rebellingI hear cries of children as their homes are blown, I he
They say this is the land of the free, but how can that be when the police are shooting black people like me.
Yes I can see From the glow of my computer light That I cannot be proud of Our stars and stripes. We stand on the shore and ignore The helpless cries of our fellow man,
While I feel that we should remember the past learn from it mourn it grow from it No one else remembers how. So we drown
They Steal Black children from their mothers’ hearts They Changed the meaning of a gun They Made it a crime to wear a hoodie while being Black They Use a hashtag to justify murder
I wish I listened. My only escape is here. This paper has wings.
A silence in time a moment of moments With the chitter and chatter slowing to a hush my heart raced louder my mind a rush   The touch of his fingers fitting in mine
How could anyone say jane is bad? Have they all gone severely mad? It opens your mind and helps you to see through constructs
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