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I see a glass half empty, empty? isnt that bad?
Music uplifts the strings on my guitar,Hockey uplifts the puck on my stick,Education uplifts the knowledge in my head,Preparedness uplifts the opportunities in my life,Work uplifts the money in my pocket,
I'm going for the top I got it on lock Its no crock I'm sturdy as a rock That will never crumble like a stock This is why I have a flock They would follow me around any block So don't be in shock
Cut your hair boy, Why are you bald.. you are a girl. You do not meet expections, but it isn't you, it is just the world... Yes hunny it is ugly.
I am not going to explain the scars on my wrist Or size of my waist to the ratio of my hips. I’m not going to apologize for the way my ribs protrude
Ballin on a budget My struggles ill never forget Everyone saying Ill never make it A vision that keeps me persistent $1 biscuit keeps me fed Little by little one two step Ballin on a budget
Strength. Patience. Faith. Courage.
Don't judge us because of how we look Just because were young doesn't mean we can't read a book You judge, yet we live our lives the best we can But through your eyes all you see are kids who don't give a damn
Education is the summation of the efforts of the imaginationit starts with a simple registrationThen you learn about legislation putting your mind in isolation
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