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I keep my poems Close to my heart You told me that I could share them With the world if I really wanted to.  
Dear Professor.   It’s just a quick question,  Why can’t I press send? Minutes and hours; Oh! the time that I’ve spent.  
My ship is setting sail once again amidst clouds of vikings and popes and as I'm drifting into the sea of sleep I begin to lose all hope.   Talk, talk, talk. Thats all you ever do.
How do you expect us to conform to buying your books? How do you expect us to rest well? How do you expect us to eat properly? How do you expect us to arrive on time? How do you expect us to become great people?
Tenure gives you no right...,
When you came in late You filled me with hate   With test still not graded My hope for humanity has faded   I’d call you an over paid clown Expect for the fact you make me frown  
Year one, day one; This class is not how I expected it College. Where are all the cute guys and alcohol. That's what I saw on TV. Why am I scared, nervous I wasn't like this in  high school.
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