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  Administration claims to be unbiased, “Everyone will succeed.” That may be true; But, not by the likes of you.   And the Award goes to, We mutter a name under our breath.
***I would suggest watching the video that I have uploaded rather than reading the actual poem.
There once was a homecoming game Whose affiliation I wish to declaim It made us all squirm for it starred a pachyderm. And my high school's rep became lame.  
I feel like I'm stuck playing your game of cards And no matter what, it keeps getting hard. Winning's no longer an option for me, But I can not just sit here to watch you sip tea.
Who am I? I'm that girl sitting right in front of you.  Look me in the eye.  Do you know who I am? I don't think you have a clue.  I want you to remember something.  YOU were in my shoes once. 
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